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Soundly Sensible Beauty is a website designed to help navigate the overly complicated world of cosmetics and the regulation of these companies for all issues regarding ingredients, performance, false claims and marketing of cosmetic products; and (most importantly) companies' animal testing policies! Soundly Sensible Beauty is meant to be a place for any lover of beauty products to share and express ideas freely so its important that all visitors read and understand the information below!

Terms of Use & Liability Agreement
All opinions expressed on this site are the opinions of one individual. Every possible attempt is made to ensure that any and all ideas are based on research, logic, and performance testing, however Soundly Sensible Beauty, nor any of its affiliates, partners or owners, shall at any time be held responsible or liable for any damages incurred to any party as the result of any opinion shared at any time.

By using the Soundly Sensible Beauty website, any and all readers and visitors acknowledge and accept that it is the sole responsibility of the reader to perform due diligence before using any product. Soundly Sensible Beauty does not condone or suggest that readers perform any activity or use any product that may cause bodily harm and recommends that if any reader has any health or safety concerns about using any product they consult the appropriate manufacturing company and (if necessary) a medical professional immediately.

Soundly Sensible Beauty may from time to time, accept a product pro gratis from a company in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Soundly Sensible Beauty agrees that any such relationship shall not have any impact on any content written, or statements made about said product (aside from statement to readers that product was provided.)

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