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CoverGirl TruMagic Skin Perfector, Sun Kisser and Luminizor Review

Multi-Use Makeup PrimerCoverGirl TruMagic Skin Perfector, Sun Kisser, and Luminizor Review

New for Spring 2014

Price: About $10
Approx $1 per gram

I first saw these a few weeks ago in my local Walgreens. I was actually pleasantly surprised a drugstore brand was jumping on the whole "perfecting/finishing" bandwagon with something that wasn't powder for us dry skin girls.

They have released 3 shades. The TruMagic Perfector is a clear "soft touch" balm which claims to be mattifying and can be used under makeup, over makeup, or for touch ups. The TruMagic Sunkisser is the same formula as the Perfector, but it is in a bronze shade and intended to be used as a bronzer, and the Luminizor is a yellow shimmery shade of the same formula which is an alleged highlighter/skin brightener.

There's a couple of problems with CoverGirl's claims and the nature in how these 3 products would be used is actually very contradictory to one another so they really cant be used in conjunction with one another.

The TruMagic Perfector: 
It's obvious what CoverGirl was trying to do here. Mally Beauty's Poreless Face Defender has been a cult favorite for a while now, but it retails for $40 and really isn't the easiest to find in stores. The reason the Face Defender works so well can be summed up in one, long word- POLYMETHYLSILSESQUIOXANE!

Polymethylsilsesquioxane is a type of silicone which, until now, has been almost exclusive to the face defender in the beauty world. My guess is it's an expensive type of silicone because Mally charges 4 times the price of TruMagic and uses alot more in their formula.

Obviously it is a silicone which retains a semi-solid shape at room temperature. This is why the Poreless Face Defender is unique in that it doesn't become a globby mess when used and applied.

When using as a finisher or over your makeup (in place of, or addition to powder), for both the defender and Perfector, you take your sponge and DAB it on the product then you dab it along your face being careful not to wipe or swipe as that can REMOVE or smudge your makeup.

If you've tried both products you will notice that the difference is you cant SEE the Defender on your sponge, but you can with the Perfector. Then again, CoverGirl describes the Perfector as a "Soft Touch Balm." This makes it more likely that you will apply too much product and then are forced to wipe it away which takes your makeup with you.

Overall, TruMagic has done well in releasing one of the closest dupes of Mally's prized product available, but they have fallen short. Perhaps due to the cost of the main ingredient? Perhaps they weren't paying attention? If you are on a budget, it may be worth trying but as a whole, you're alot better off with The Face Defender since that will last about 4x as long, its worth the price, and CRUELTY FREE!!

TruMatch Sunkisser & Luminator:

This is the bronzer & illuminator. They are the same composition as the Perfector which is a "soft touch balm." CoverGirl must have THOUGHT they were being revolutionary, but the reality is, its not a product anyone needs. The Sunkisser is an ok shade for a bronzer, but nothing spectacular. The Luminator is a nice yellow/gold for a highlight, but its a straight GLITTER FEST which is totally opposite of why they're pushing the formula which is to Mattify.

The problem is when you get in to how they are supposed to be used. As I said before, the key thing with the Perfector is to DAB or you will remove your existing makeup. I dont know anyone who dabs on highlighter or bronzer and then doesn't blend it out? So when you put on bronzer you remove all your existing makeup? That's a no-go for me.

Might it work for some people? Sure. Because it has the same formula as the Perfector it will refine pores and mattify your face. Anyone who wears concealer under their eyes and no foundation may love this because it will give them a smoother appearance with a sun-kissed glow. I personally, would rather use Mally's Defender and almost any other highlighter or bronzer.

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