Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYX BB Cream Review & Swatches of Shades

NYX BB Cream, Beauty Balm 
New for Spring 2014

Price $12.99 per ounce

Part of NYX's extensive new Spring 2014 releases, their BB cream promises to be a multitasking miracle. NYX is smart in that they do have one thing over the competition, they market their BB cream as both a primer (to be used under foundation,) or a tinted moisturizer (to be used alone for light coverage.)

They don't make extensive claims about ridiculous skincare benefits like many American BB creams, and I find that refreshingly honest since, aside from moisturizing, it really doesn't have many (but most BB creams don't anyways.)

It's only available in three shades which is a slight obstacle. If you are very light or deep, this definitely is not the way to go, as NYX designed the range of their BB Cream to accomodate only Light-Medium Skintones. Personally I like to put a slightly darker tinted product on under my foundation, (like a sunless tanner) but I mean very slightly darker, and for that reason I chose BBCR03-Golden which is the darkest out of the three shades. (I don't think I've EVER chosen the darkest shade before.)

  • BBCR01-NUDE: Described by NYX as "Light-Medium with Beige Undertones". The lightest shade is probably about NW/NC 15-25, leaning more on the NW side since MAC really doesn't do Beige undertones. 
  • BBCR02-NATURAL: Described by NYX as "Light-Medium with Peach Undertones." My Ulta didn't have shade descriptions like this, if they had I probably would have gone with this shade. I did swatch all the shades, and I didn't NOTICE this having Peach Undertones, so I may go back to check it out. Anyways, this is probably about N15-25. *Keep in mind these are based off of how the shades appear when wet, since Golden 03 darkened upon drying, its likely the other shades will too.*
Nyx BB Cream BBCR01 Nude, BBCR02 Natural, BBCR03 Golden
NYX BB Cream Swatches of Shades
BBCR01 Nude, BBCR02 Natural, BBCR03 Golden

    NYX BB Cream BBCR03 Golden Swatches and Review

  • BBCR03-GOLDEN: Described by NYX as "Medium with Golden Undertones." Again, this is probably about NC25-NC40. I know I'm giving you bigger ranges than I normally would, but where this is a sheer product, it is made to suit a larger range and I feel comfortable doing so since it will depend on how you intend to use it-under makeup or AS makeup!

I have swatched it below. Again, its shade 03 Golden, and I have shown it wet and dry so you can see how it darkens. I have also built it up to a preposterous point so that you can see its TRUE color, although that matters far less since its a product designed to be used sheerly, as opposed to a full coverage product.

NYX BB Cream BBCR03 Golden Review and Swatches

Here you can see what it looks like next to Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizer in Beige, which is the LIGHTEST shade in that line. As you can see, there really isn't a huge difference considering one is the lightest of a line, and one is the darkest. NYX Beauty Balm does have an added bonus of SUPERB blendability. Once it sets, it's NEVER cakey, no sheer product should be, but some don't handle being built up very well, where as this BB builds famously!

After they set, I rubbed my finger semi-vigerously along the edges. You can see where the Wet 'n Wild swatch started to peel slightly (you can't blame it., I blobbed it on like Donkey Kong,) but the NYX BB Cream stayed in perfect place.
NYX BB Cream Beauty Balm in BBCR03 Golden and Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizer in Beige
Left NYX BB Cream in BBCR03 Golden, Right Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizer in Beige

\ (If you would like a Cruelty Free tinted moisturizer with a better shade range, please check out Laura Geller's Barely There Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream which is the same formula as her TM. It comes in only 4 shades, but the range of those shades is MUCH more extensive and goes from fair to deep. Its also WATERPROOF, and keeps going and GOING!)

This Picture was taken almost 96 hours (4 days) after application. It got wet and what not in the shower, but I did not exfoliate or scrub it. I also didn't put any moisturizer over it, but it still stayed like hell.
This has a much more natural finish, very similar to Flower's BB Cream, its not matte, but it's close to it. Laura Geller and Wet 'n Wild both have luminous finishes. They aren't unnatural, but they're far from matte. Its probably because both of those have titanium dioxide for SPF, which adds a fair bit of sheen to any product.

Consistency wise its not really up to par with Asian BB creams and their thick texture and full coverage. This is really more like a tinted moisturizer consistency, but it is heavy in silicones so it does work beautifully as a primer.

Coverage is sheer, but it is actually moderate for a Tinted Moisturizer or Tinted Primer. For a BB Cream however, its sorely lacking. If you're looking for a Cruelty Free BB Cream that is thicker and more on track with it's Asian cousins, try Flower Beauty BB Cream by Drew Barrymore. (I personally prefer Flower's BB Cream.)

As a tinted primer, it works great, but most silicone based products will so whether or not that will be enough of a reason to buy it, you'll have to decide. It's not horrible, but its not fabulous. I have it, and I'll use it, but I highly doubt I would re-purchase it.

Has anyone else tried it? Any thoughts on it?


  1. I love this stuff. It's perfect for my probkematic skin type. I get a liitle oily, dry, flaky, bumpy, and I get occasional hyper-pigmentation.

    This stuff really takes care of it all. It sets perfectly with their "dewy" setting spray.

    I buy them whenever I see them, and I hope NYX carries them forever.

    I really wish they would be more color-inclusive. I wanted to surprise my black friend with a tube, but I guess not!


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