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Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation Review & Swatches

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation
Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation 

Price $10.99 for 17ml
About $20 an ounce
Available Only at Target Stores

Overall, I have to say I love the Sonia Kashuk concept. The idea of getting high end quality, Cruelty Free, cosmetics at drugstore prices really is tempting, but I have to say, I haven't been wowed by their execution of these ideals.

Keep reading to find out why!

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation is available at Target stores nationwide, along with all of her other products. It is marketed as a "hydrating formula that will leave your skin nourished with a radiant finish," or something along those lines.

In truth, it's not an awful product, but it is far from great. Instead of being a moisturizing or hydrating formula, it is actually closer to a typical long lasting foundation formula, meaning it is better suited for oily/combination skin types. No, its not as drying as some long wearing formulas, but its definitely not overly hydrating either.

What raises some concern for me, is the fact that on this products label, it states "not to apply around eyes or lips." Hmmmmm...... My eyes are exactly where I DO need foundation, as do many others. Her Undetectable Foundation Stick also has this warning. Now granted, I did use both products before I saw the warning and I experienced no irritation, but I also don't have sensitive skin. I imagine that the warning is because of the included fragrance which is just ludicrous. I would rather have a safe product than a fragrant one, but that's just me.

Texture wise its a little on the thicker side, and it actually has a very nice consistency, decent pigment and blends very well, especially for a long-wearing formula. The finish is also nice as it lacks the typical matte finish found with comparable products and you can definitely achieve a fuller medium coverage with minimal effort without looking too cakey.

 I usually don't bother too much commenting on packaging since I re-pot and re-bottle everything into 15ml/.5oz plastic bottles so that all my foundations are of uniform size, but this packaging is absolutely preposterous. It initially looks like a squeeze tube, but it actually is a hard plastic tube shaped bottle. Under the cover it houses a pump, (which is obviously of the air-tight variety and not the typical straw pumps,) but because the plastic is so hard, you can't get any remaining product out by cutting the tube and the pump itself is attached so securely there is no getting it off without power tools, (I recruited Jimi's Dremel because, yes, I'm that cheap) not to mention that it has to be stored upside down which is just silly.

Keep in mind that you're only getting 17ml of product as opposed to the standard 30ml in 98% of all liquid foundations, (the more concentrated the formula, the lower the volume.) The consistency of this doesn't warrant leaving out 3ml, let alone 13. Add that to the fact that you can't get the remaining product out when the pump stops working and you'd be lucky to get 12ml for $12. At that price, I would rather by Mally.

As for the shades, I got this in "02 Vanilla." The only other Sonia Kashuk foundation I had used was the Undetectable Stick Foundation, which I got in "03 Latte." (I think she's a Starbucks fan.) I never would have thought to purchase either of these shades if I hadn't been totally obnoxious and opened them in the store, so despite having every shade in front of you, you're really shopping blind since you can't see the products in the containers.  Considering that Target has one of the more stringent return policies of the big box stores, that would be a deal breaker for me, but hey, you may be lucky and if this causes you're eyes & lips to burn, they WILL take it back!

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'd recommend skipping this one and spending your money on a legitimate high end brand.

Undetectable Foundation 03 Latte, Luminous Foundation 02 Vanilla
Undetectable Foundation Stick in 03 Latte, and Luminous Perfecting Foundation in 02 Vanilla

Undetectable Foundation Stick in 03 Latte, and Luminous Perfecting Foundation in 02 Vanilla

Undetectable Foundation Stick in 03 Latte, and Luminous Perfecting Foundation in 02 Vanilla


  1. I bought it but cant use it, the pump is not working. how to make it work?

    1. I would bring it back to target. the design of the bottle is just awful. if you're REALLY determined you would have to pop the whole pump off of the bottle but that would probably break the pump. if you bring it back to target they should let you exchange it where its defective.

  2. The SK tinted balm also states not to use around eyes or lips, so I guess that's a warning they just slap onto everything just in case. My pump is broken too, but I bought the last one in my shade at the Target by me, and they aren't restocking anymore :(


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