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Tarte CC Colored Clay Corrective Stick Primer/Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades

colored clay CC primer
Tarte CC "Colored Clay" Correcting Primer Stick
New For Spring 2014
Price $38 for 14 grams
About $2.75 a gram


Well Tarte, at least you haven't tried to market this as a foundation....

Keep reading to see why!

Tarte CC Colored Clay Corrective Primer Stick is a stick PRIMER with light pigmentation and color corrective shades to neutralize redness & sallowness. I think when done correctly, color correctors do have their place in the beauty world (their popularity is only growing too), but the key is the neutralizing colors have to be minor and subtle- noone wants an over powering green tint since that's as bad as the redness!

Tarte did a great job neutrally including these Color Correcting (CC) properties. The stick glides on & blends seamlessly with skin too. if they had tried to sell this as a foundation, I would have some serious qualms since coverage is only so-so, but for its intended use; as a primer which helps to get your skin looking its best under your foundation, it works great! 

If you decide you have to try this, make sure you let it set before applying your foundation and don't use another primer. this has so much slip & blendability you want to be sure it absorbs into your skin before applying foundation. You may want to reduce your moisturizing quantities if you have normal-oily skin to prevent too much movement as well.

For $38, I don't think this is for me, but that's because for that price I want a DRAMATIC difference. This will provide subtle evenness and will help your makeup last, but be sure to keep your expectations realistic & buy from a place with a lenient return policy! If you're not dead set on the Colored Clay Corrective Primer, try Tarte's BB Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Primer, or Full Coverage Foundation. those are all the same price point, have a decent (although not necessarily sufficient) SPF, and provide a noticeable difference!

*$2.75 a gram is by no means an outrageous price for a stick foundation/primer/cc product. While the standard quantity for liquid foundations is 1 ounce, stick & cream products vary a great deal. Depending on the formula's concentration level, it can either be a total rip off, or a great deal. A good starting point is MAC who typically charges $3 a gram and gives quantities of about 9 grams in their Mineralize, Studio Tech, and formally Studio Stick Foundations.

Tarte CC Colored Clay Primer Stick Review & Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Medium, Tan,
Tarte CC Colored Clay Corrective Stick Primer Swatches of Shades
Fair, Light, Medium, Tan
Tarte CC Colored Clay Primer Stick Review & Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Medium, Tan
Tarte CC Colored Clay Primer Stick Swatches of Shades
Fair, Light, Medium, Tan,

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