Sunday, June 8, 2014

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation, Review & Swatches of Shades

Neutrogena 12 Hour Nourishing Long Wear Liquid Makeup SPF 20
New for Spring 2014
Price: $16 per ounce

Neutrogena employed Hayden Panettiere as the official spokeswoman & model for their new 2014 foundation. Their Nourishing Longwear Liquid makeup is unique in that it promises to last a full 12 hours while simultaneously providing your skin with fantastic benefits!

Neutrogena claims that their Nourishing Long Wear Foundation will actually diminish the look of dark spots over time. They suggest that because of their exclusive "Tone Correcting Complex" you'll be able to see a noticeable difference in just 4 weeks with daily use. 

That part of the claim may be a little more than exaggerated. There aren't many ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce the look of dark spots. Those ingredients tend to be very expensive and have to be used in relatively large concentrations that you would almost never see in a cosmetic product.

Nourishing Long Wear also claims to be formulated with a blend of anti-oxidants, soy, Vitamins A, C, & E, and special "Light Diffusing Powders."

The blend of anti-oxidants is a major positive. Anti-oxidants are a critical part of protecting skin from free radical damage, pollution, and all the other fun environmental risks. Of course, the SPF 20 is going to provide more immediate as sunscreen is probably the most proactive thing you can do to prevent signs of aging!

Formula & Performance:
The Nourishing Long Wear formula itself is actually a pretty good one. It's unique in that it IS a long-wearing formula but it's also slightly hydrating and not quite as drying as many typical long-wear options.

The initial consistency is a thicker liquid and it blends beautifully before setting to a genuine "natural" finish. There's no sparkle in it and it's not exactly dewy but it's not exactly matte either. I would have to liken it to something like Makeup Forever HD Foundation and coverage is right on par with Mufe as well. 

As far as being "breathable", that's more or less true and a good way of describing the finish.

Shades & Wear Time:
The 8 shades available are good for light to tan skintones. The lightest shade (10 Classic Ivory) has distinct yellow undertones and may be a hair too dark for anyone with very fair skin. The next shade has overtly pink undertones and will probably be too pink for most but the rest of the shades are o.k.

While it may not last the promised 12 hours, wear time and performance are pretty impressive. Of course they'll fluctuate depending on skin type, climate, and what other products you use but overall the results should be pretty decent for those with most skin types.

If you're a fan of foundations like MUFE HD Foundation or Revlon Colorstay than you may find that Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear works for you. There's not really any skincare benefit that can be reasonable expected, but it is a solid performing foundation and if it were Cruelty Free I would be giving it the absolute stamp of approval!

Neutrogena Nourishing 12 Hour Longwear Liquid Makeup SPF 20; Review & Swatches of Shades
Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation
Swatches of Shades
10 Classic Ivory, 20 Natural Ivory, 30 Buff, 40 Nude,
50 Soft Beige, 60 Natural Beige, 70 Fresh Beige, 90 Warm Beige, 


  1. What's the name of 40? Does it have a warm or cool undertone?

    1. Hi Hasan,
      40 is Nude. As for warm or cool it depends on what you consider warm or cool!
      It has a distinctive yellow/beige undertone that's pretty neutral.

      Mac would call it an NC (or "neutral cool") but every other brand would call it "Warm."

      It's generally easier to refer to undertones as pink or yellow instead of warm or cool because the warm vs cool thing is very subjective and varies throughout the beauty world!

      *For example, most brands would call a pinkish foundation "cool" BUT if you were looking at an eyeshadow that was the SAME color the would call it "warm"!*

      Whaat are you looking for in a foundation? Have you tried this yet? I haven't done a full review and it IS a good foundation but it's not really for everyone!

      Let me know if I can help you out at all!

    2. I was planning on buying it. I just wanted to make sure what undertone 40 had, because I find drugstore foundations more on the pinkish side. 10 and 40 have a more prominent yellow/beige undertone in the picture, but it can be totally different in real life. That's why I asked. Thanks for your reply :)

    3. No Problem Hasan! Nude lacks the trademark pinky beige of many drugstore foundations. It's actually a really good shade for someone in the NC25-30ish range & it stays neutral/yellow!

      I just didn't want to say warm or cool because it's too subjective, but yeah it's yellow for sure and oxidation is minimal-non existent. Neutrogena actually did a really good job with the formula and it's a worthwhile purchase (but I would suggest buying at CVS or Walmart where you COULD return it if you need to.)

      Let me know how it works for you, I'm really curious to hear your thoughts- Good Luck!

    4. oh Classic Ivory (10) stays yellow too and has a tad less "neutral" in it than Nude does. If you're like an NC15 it would probably work!


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