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Nuance by Salma Hayeck Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation; Swatches of Shades & Review!

Nuance Salma Hayek Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation, Medium Cool 282Nuance Flawless Finish Foundation
Price: $16 per ounce
Available at CVS

It's totally the "In" thing for actresses these days to branch out and create their own cosmetic lines. Salma Hayeck was one of the first to have her line sold sold exclusively in a national store, yet it's a line so very rarely talked about...

Curious? Keep reading...
Salma Hayeck Flawless Finish Foundation is a very specific type of foundation which works well with a very specific type of consumer- those with normal to dry skin! If you have oily skin, don't waste your time with this luminous fluid that leaves a fresh, moisturized, dewy finish- you'd be better off trying Nuance's Powder Foundation.

I'm pretty sure that's why Salma Hayeck & Nuance only have the one liquid foundation in their line, because of their powder foundation which is much easier to find. If you DO happen to live near a CVS that carries the Nuance Flawless Finish Foundation and you meet the above mentioned criteria, I would say RUN, don't walk, to the nearest store and pick it up!

Nuance Flawless Finish is (as I mentioned) a luminous, hydrating formula with a satiny dewy finish (versus the "wet" dewy some products have). It is a fabulous foundation, so much so that I'm not going to spend forever writing about it. It will give you close to full coverage with minimal building and can be sheered out to light coverage equally as easily. It is natural looking and the 8 shades available are spectacularly chosen.

I wear Warm Light and its a perfect match for me. I absolutely adore this foundation and I would put it up against big names like Lancome Absolute BX Foundation, but it offers superior coverage and a thicker texture than something like MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation. I find that performance rivals Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation without question as well.

I know that $16 can seem a bit steep for a drugstore foundation, but so many drugstore products are creeping up in price lately and the frosted glass bottle gives Flawless Finish a touch of elegance that certainly warrants the price!

Anyone tried it?

Nuance by Salma Hayeck; Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation. Review & Swatches of Shades. (Warm, Cool ,Light, Medium, Deep)
Salma Hayeck Nuance Flawless Finish Foundation; Review & Swatches of Shades
Warm Light, Cool Light, Cool Light/Medium, Warm Medium, Cool Medium,
Warm Medium Deep, Cool Medium Deep, Warm Deep

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  1. I have never used a drugstore foundation in my life, but after this review I will try one! THanks for sharing your experience. Also, I am sure this was just a typo, but it is Salma Hayek not Hayeck.


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