Friday, October 3, 2014

Hard Candy Fall 2014 Collection Preview

Hard Candy for Fall 2014
-Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Pallettes
-Plumping Serum Gel Lipstick

New Shades 
Hard Candy Fall 2014 Shades 
- Cheeks & Balances Blush/Highlighter 
-Face & Body Glow Illuminator

Prices range from $6-$8

I was so excited when I saw the display of Hard Candy's Fall 2014 Collection.
Hard Candy has really gone and out done themselves. In the Spring of 2014 they added the new Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite Blendable Concealer and not with their fall collection they've added options for eyes, lips, cheeks and body!

New Hard Candy Lipstick!
Hard Candy has just introduced their new lipstick which is the Plumping Serum Gel Stick. It is said to "Saturate lips with vibrant, pure color in just one stroke. A high gloss gel base infused with lightweight mango butter allows for superior comfort and shine with lasting hydration. Contains a unique antioxidant “Colorfast System” that keeps color vibrant, truer, and statement worthy. Formulated with Hard Candy’s exclusive Plumping Serum System that delivers hyaluronic acid and plumps the skin to quickly minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle while adding hydrating volume."
It will be very interesting to see how that works out. I was pretty impressed with the color saturation of the shades I swatched so we will see..

New Hard Candy Eye Shadow Palettes

Any Hard Candy fan has undoubtedly experienced their fabulous assortment of eyeshaows, but now Hard Candy is expanding on their Top Ten Eye Shadow Palettes with the introduction of the Top Ten TRENDSETTER Palettes which are available in 5 assorted shade ranges. All of the palettes seem to have an excellent theme and fabulous coordinating colors. For $6 it would be impressive to get one eyeshadow you like, but 10 good quality shadows? That's unheard of!

I will get reviews up soon for these, I promise. I can say, that while color saturation and pigmentation varied with the finish and shades, they all swatched absolutely brilliantly!

Hard Candy
Top Ten Trendsetter Eye Shadow Palette
Guilty Pleasure #887 is the most "Glam" of the Top Ten Trendsetters with all of the shades being semi-neutrally toned, but having a significant amount of metallic or glitter sheen. It will be interesting to see how the fallout is.

Hard Candy
Top Ten Trendsetter Eye Shadow Palette APHRODISIAC 888
Aphrodisiac #888 has some of the boldest shades out of the Top Ten Trendsetter Palettes. There is an assortment of bold, primary colors which come in a variety of finished from matte to a satin shimmer.

Hard Candy
Top Ten Trendsetter  Eye Shadow Palette RATED X 889
Rated X #889 is similar to Aphrodisiac except they ditched the warm orange and yellow tones for much cooler pewters and grays. They also added some extra glitter.

Hard Candy
Top Ten Trendsetter Eye Shadow Palette
Raining Men #891 is one of my favorite assortments of colors. I love the shades and while they do all have some level of shimmer, its more of a shimmer than glitter.

Naked in color

Birthday Suit #890 is an assortment of nude, MATTE tones. I think that this will likely become a cult favorite for Hard Candy fans (or just any eyeshadow fans). Matte Nudes are so hot in the cosmetic world right now and to have a palette of true-matte shades for $6? It's unheard of. Pigmentation was good for matte tones and I will definitely get the full review up soon.

In the interim, Birthday Suit seems to look an awful lot like a hybrid of Paula's Choice Nude Matte Palette and Urban Decay Naked doesn't it?

Hard Candy 
Top Ten Trendsetter Eye Shadow Palette

New Hard Candy Cheek Shades-

Hard Candy has also released New Shades of their Cheeks and Balances Blush/Highlighter Stick. While it was previously only available in a few shades, they have added several to their line up including Angel Face, Blooming Orchid and Island Glow, so now Cheeks and Balances Blush Stick is available in 6 shades which range from a a pale pink to a deep bronze. Cheeks and Balances is the ultimate fool proof way to apply Blush and Highlighter and it puts competitors like Maybelline Fit Me Blush Stick to shame!!

Hard Candy has also release new shades in their Glow All the Way Face & Body Luminizer including "Blushing Babe" and "In the Buff" so be sure to check those out as the Face & Body Luminizer is an awesome deal and a great formula. Plus you get about 12 years worth of product for the $8!

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