Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Fix Broken Baked Eye Shadow or Rounded Powder

 How to Fix Raised, Rounded or Baked Makeup
The other day I did a How to Fix Broken Makeup guide, but I wanted to provide pictures of how to fix baked powder makeup- or any pressed powder in a domed shape. It's a little different than your standard pressed powder but it's actually even easier & quicker!

Just like when you fix broken pressed powder you'll need rubbing alcohol (ideally 90% or higher), but unlike with pressed powder; alcohol is the ONLY thing you'll need aside from your (clean) fingers or a spatula and as much of the broken pieces of powder as possible!

For the purpose of this demonstration I took a baked swirl highlighter and a baked eye shadow (both of which are rounded), and I smashed them. 

Step 1: Place as many of the broken pieces as you can into their respective places in the pan.

If you don't have any missing pieces what you'll have to do is use a spatula and gently scrape off a thin layer of  the powder that's intact & place the scrapings in the areas where makeup is missing. 

Use any loose powder residue to cover any visible "cracks,"

Step 2: Now is when you add alcohol. Just add 1-2 drops at a time and only put it where there is obvious loose powder. Think of the loose powder as a glue and the alcohol as an activator.

Step 3: Gently smooth over the area you put the alcohol with your finger. You may be able to gently press the makeup right now, or you may have to wait a minute or two until some more alcohol evaporates.

Step 4: Continue Step 3 and gently press your makeup into the pan. You may have to wait a minute or two & add a drop of alcohol again if you notice any areas that need attention. Push the powder into the shape that it was initially, but do it gradually. Less is more and you don't need to go crazy!

Step 5: If you want a perfectly even powder then once the alcohol is evaporated you can use a wet sponge and smooth over the pan.

Summary: The only issue that you may encounter is if you broke a swirled or multi-colored compact. Unfortunately, if you pulverized the powder you probably won't be able to recover each individual color and you'll end up with a semi-uniform, mixed shade; but that's too be expected and that happened when the powder was loose & mixed together.

As far as texture is concerned, the swatches should be indicative of the lack of effect fixing the powder has on the products performance!

If you're still nervous about trying this or you broke an expensive piece, you may want to consider going to Wal-Mart or CVS & picking up a cheap eye shadow or blush for $1 so that you can practice and get the hang of your technique! 


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    1. Thanks Shelpen! I wish I could say it was my idea but it wasn't. I have had ALOT of practice doing it though- I break EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Brilliant!! I received two Too Faced Galaxy Glam eyeshadows in the mail. Unfortunately one came broken the other was lucky. I can't wait to try this teqnq on it!! Fingers crossed. :))


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