Saturday, November 15, 2014

NEW One Direction & Markwins Makeup & Giveaway!

One Direction Makeup (Made by Markwins)
Limited Edition for Fall/Holidays 2014


One Direction has teamed up with Markwins and created a fabulous assortment of Limited Edition Collections for the 2014 Holiday Season!

You do want to beware though because the One Direction cosmetics are NOT for the tame or timid & designed to make a BOLD statement!

If you've got an adventurous heart, keep reading to see how you can win your own One Direction Makeup Set!

The One Direction Makeup Kits will feature an assortment of makeup products and by teaming up with a brand like Markwins (the owner's of Wet 'n Wild), high quality, responsible products can be expected.

The Limited Edition Collection will include:

Electro-Glam Mascara which can be used on lashes with mascara to just add a dab of color to the tips, OR it can be worn in lieu of traditional mascara!

You can also use the Electro-Glam Mascara on your hair. This is a great way to get some controlled streaks of color and where it's washable it's a great idea for those who only want to be bright for a night!

The Three shades of Electro Glam Mascara are-
Why don’t we go there- Shock of blue
Does he know?- Pinkest hot pink 
Story of my life- Amped canary yellow 

Liquilights Glow Gloss which sparkles brilliantly during the day and will react with a UV/Blacklight. 
The formula includes natural oils and vitamin E to keep lips feeling soft and moisturized.
You can wear the Liquidlights Gloss alone or with the One Direction Cream Lipstick.

Through the Dark- Electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light 
Kiss You- Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light 
Taken - Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light.

Rock Me Nail Kit, features NEON UV-REACTIVE Nail Varnish and UV-REACTIVE GLITTER nail toppings that light up day and night. You can either sprinkle the glitter over wet polish or dip wet nails into the glitter!

Nail Varnish:
Happily– UV iced blue glitter 
Moments- UV neon pink 
Diana- UV 3D holographic 

Glitter Toppings: 
Kicks- UV snow cone blue
Not afraid- UV electrified pink glitter 
Star-- UV holo glitter 

Makeup by One Direction will hit the follow stores TODAY, November 15th!

Stage Stores
Beauty Brands
Lord & Taylor


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