Monday, December 8, 2014

Marc Jacobs Highliner Eye Crayon; Review & Swatches of Shades

Marc Jacobs High-Liner Gel Crayon Eye-Liner, (Automatic Waterproof Pencil)
Price: $25


It's absolutely no secret that I have been really impressed by Marc Jacob's line of cosmetics so far. I adore all of his complexion products and think he's done a really good job of creating a line of high-performance, luxury products.

While I believe that most foundations can be workable for most people, Eye-Liners are a different story altogether. They're much more of a cut & dry product- they either work or they don't.

Essentially, Marc Jacobs claims that his Highliner is a Gel Eyeliner housed in a crayon/automatic pencil. They promise a formula which is initially "malleable" before setting into place for "all-day wear" that's waterproof, long-wearing, and provides intense color payoff.

I think in a lot of ways, Marc Jacobs actually sells the Highliner short (a rare occurence in the cosmetic world.) 

The Highliner is an amazing formula. They are initially expremely blendable and they can be smudged or blended out to provide a very thin layer of color if that's what you're looking for or you can draw ultra-precise lines absolutely won't budge throughout the day!

I have exceptionally small, deep-set, hooded eyes. I'm Caucasian so I don't have the benefit of taut skin around my eyes like many Asian women do and as a result I always end up wearing my liner in my crease & on my lid.

 I would say that maybe 5% of all eye liners are workable for me; yet once again, Marc Jacobs falls into the minority.

The shade range is extensive and ranges from a soft, frosted white to a deep black and nearly every imagineable color inbetween is covered! All of the shades apply wonderfully although some of the lighter shades seem to dry out a bit faster so take care to put the cap on after each use.

The only downside to the Marc Jacobs Eye Liner is the price. $25 for an eye pencil is a little steep for any budget but if that's an issue, you may want to consider the Holiday 2014 Skyline 7 Piece Petite Set. It features 7 very well chosen options in mini pencils and retails for $45.

The Highliner provides all of the benefits of a Gel eye-liner but the convenient automatic pencil form is such a huge benefit if you don't like to fumble around with brushes!

This is certainly one worth picking up during your next Sephora haul.
Marc Jacobs High Eye Liner Automatic Gel Crayon/Pencil Swatches of Shades
Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eye Liner Swatches of Shades
42-(Blacquer), 44-Th(ink), 46-Jazz(Berry), 50- N(ice), 52-Into(Vert), 58- (Stone) Fox, 60-(Pum)Age,
62-Ody(Sea), 64-(Luna)Tic, 68-(Wave)-Length, 70-Mari(Gold)
Marc Jacobs Highliner Petite 7 Piece Gel Crayon Eyeliner Set Swatches of Shades
Marc Jacobs 7* Piece Petite Skyline Highline Eye Set
58-O(Vert), 60-(Plum)Age, Midnight in Paris, 44-Th(Ink), Sunset, 54-(Brown)Out,
*42-Blacquer not shown

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