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Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer Review & Swatches of Shades

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Full Cover ConcealerM.U.F.E. Full Cover Concealer
Price: $32 for .5 oz
Approx $3.33 a gram

MUFE Full Cover Concealer has quickly become a cult favorite over the past few years. As is says in its name, it promises to deliver full coverage via an oil-free formula with a waterproof, matte finish. People with acne and dark circles both flock to it and it has developed quite a reputation for itself, but is it a reputation that has actually been rightfully earned?
In a sense; yes. Makeup Forever has successfully formulated a concealer which accomplishes all of the above. It will provide full coverage, it is an oil-free formula, it is waterproof, and it has a matte finish, but those traits are by no means exclusive in any way to Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer.
Concealers can be divided in to a few basic groups. All are either liquid or cream, and there are categories that lie within. Liquid concealers are typically either:
  • silicone based, water soluble formulas (usually provide medium coverage, all skin types.)
  • silicone based water proof/transfer resistant, (med-full coverage, normal-oily skin)
  • emollient based/moisturizing, med-full coverage, normal-dry skin).

Obviously there are variables and good, bad, fabulous, and awful formulas of each type, but those are the basic categories and MUFE Full Cover Concealer is the second, a silicone based, water proof, oil-free, transfer resistant formula.

While MUFE is by no means a bad concealer, it is somewhat overrated. Yes. it will do everything that it promises. Yes it comes in a variety of neutral toned shades ranging from fair - deep, but no, its not in any way unique or one of a kind.

I actually find Makeup Forever's contribution in this department to be a little lack luster and boring. While it does remain an excellent option for those with oily skin or acne, I just think that there are many other suitable choices out there which are Cruelty Free such as Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Concealer, or Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer SPF 25. Both of these have very similar formulas and performance.

Quite often with long-wearing formulas such as these, (in foundations & concealers), the shades, for whatever reason, develop a distinct olivey, ashy, beige upon drying. Makeup Forever Full Cover is no exception. I don't know precisely what causes this reaction, obviously it has something to do with the ingredients that make it transfer resistant, but Lancome Effacerness Concealer, Shiseido Cream Concealer, and many more all have this distinctive tone in their shade range. My point being, that finding a suitable replacement for your favorite Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer shade, should not prove difficult if indeed, you do have a true match with MUFE.

I personally, do not have a match with Makeup Forever Full Cover that I am absolutely in love with. Sure, I can get away with a few when I first apply them, but as soon as they start to dry they immediately look off. I can make Rose Ivory or Light Beige work, but they just don't wow me, and personally I think that out of the current options available, Estee Lauder Double Wear, MAC Pro Longwear, Lancome Effacerness, and Shiseido Cream Concealers all surpass Makeup Forever's version, and Kat Von D Lock it Mally Conditioning Cancellation Concealer absolutely blow it out of the water!

Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Concealer has a shade range very similar to MUFE's, whereas Mally Conditioning Cancellation Concealer  SPF 25 has a slightly different hue to it which I attribute to the Titanium Dioxide SPF in the formula.*

In short, I think that MUFE Full Cover Concealer is a good product and will continue to work fine on blemishes or under the eyes for those with normal-oily skin or those with dry skin in the summer. I will provide full coverage and a matte finish but its just not a WOW product, at least in my humble opinion, (for the half a penny its worth!)

Anyone else tried it and loved it? Hated it?

*Titanium Dioxide is recognized & approved by the FDA as a pigment & a sunscreen. It tends to throw off a more peachy tone than an olivey one

Makeup Forever (M.U.F.E) Full Cover Concealer; Review & Swatches of Shades 1. Pink Porcelain, 3. Light Beige, 4. Flesh, 5. Vanilla, 6. Ivory, 7. Sand,  8. Beige, 10. Golden Beige, 12. Dark Beige, 14. Fawn, 18. Chocolate, 20. Ebony
Makeup Forever (M.U.F.E) Full Cover Concealer; Swatches of Shades
1. Pink Porcelain, 3. Light Beige, 4. Flesh, 5. Vanilla, 6. Ivory, 7. Sand,
 8. Beige, 10. Golden Beige, 12. Dark Beige, 14. Fawn, 18. Chocolate, 20. Ebony


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