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Wet 'n Wild Come Correct Concealer; Review & Swatches of Shades

Fergie & Wet 'n Wild Come Correct (Full Cover) Celebrity Concealer
New for Spring 2015
Price: $5 for 10 ml
(approx $.50 per ml)


Wet 'n Wild has recently released their new Come Correct Concealer which is a part of Fergie's "Glam-Maker" collection.

Let's face it; Wet 'n Wild has never really excelled with concealers like they do with eye & lip color. Up until now, the only concealers in their stable were the CoverAll Concealer Stick & the CoverAll Liquid Wand Concealer. 

Both of these concealers leave something to be desired so I think that my initial skepticism was warranted when I saw the new Come Correct Concealer.

Luckily, (for those of us who have been waiting for this type of concealer to be available in drugstores), I have never been happier to report just how wrong my initial impressions were!

Come Correct promises celebrity worthy results & ultimate full coverage for under-eye darkness and it achieves both of these brilliantly, BUT, even the most perfect product isn't for everyone...

The formula is a "grease-paint" compilation which is incredibly similar to cult-favorite It Bye Bye Under Eye ConcealerLaura Mercier High Coverage ConcealerToo Faced Flawless Flexible Concealer, and, (one of my personal favorites) Tarte Marcuja Creaseless Concealer.

In some ways, Fergie & Wet 'n Wild made a concealer that's superior to the above options. Come Correct is only 1/4 of the price of the other options yet it's improved upon some of the grease-paint concealer traits that many people find undersireable- mainly the finish.

While the finish of Come Correct is a "natural-satin" finish it's not at all wet looking and it lacks the almost greasy feel that's often associated with  It Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Instead, Wet 'n Wild created a formula that's initially thick and stiffer than many concealers but it immediately blends out and melds with skin beautifully.

Coverage & Performance:
The two areas where Come Correct really excels are coverage and the actual way it performs. Because the formula is just a smidge thicker than It Bye Bye Concealer and lacks the excess "grease" it adhere's to skin far better. 

Wear time is dramatically increased and you need far less product to get the most ultimate of ultimate coverage. 

If you have oily skin or use a plethora of moisturizer you may need to set the concealer with powder or setting product but the chances of needing a powder are far less than with comparable products!

Wet 'n Wild released three shades for Come Correct.- A111 Fair, A112 Golden Medium, & A113 Medium Beige. The three shades range from Fair to Medium so unfortunately those with deep skin will be out of luck. (If you like the formula you may want to write to Wet 'n Wild & ask them to create more shades.)

If you're skintone is lighter than Tan or so, you'll probably find you're in luck.!

  • Fair is a fantastic option for porcelain princesses and I am truly ecstatic about it! Most other concealers that manage to make a shade this light have an undertone that's unflattering and often a dingy beige or an overly bright yellow orange but Wet 'n Wild hit the nail on the head with Fair.
  • Golden Medium is exactly what it sounds like; a medium shade with yellow undertones. 
  • Medium Beige on the other hand is a slightly misleading name and it has a bit of a peachy-pink undertone. Some people may actually prefer this sort of undertone for covering dark circles since it's a very "correcter-esque " shade but including the word "beige" in the name may have been a slight mistake on Wet 'n Wild's part since the shade itself is anything but (what I consider to be) beige.

Don't have a shade match?
Now, some of you may be looking at the limited selection of three shades and assume that you won't find an adequate match but don't worry!

Because of the three shades that Wet 'n Wild did create you have almost unlimited possibilities of shade combinations that you can create!

Golden Beige & Medium Beige both have opposite undertones (pink & yellow) and Fair is a neutral (almost white) shade. This means that you can create almost any desired shade and you should be able to match your favorite shade from almost any brand of concealer (provided it's not darker than medium/tan), by simply mixing two (or three) of the shades together.

Normally I wouldn't suggest going through the hassle of mixing shades but considering the $5 price point it's completely reasonable from a financial prospective. (Plus storage isn't an issue where Come Correct won't dry out.)

Best Uses:
Come Correct is great for drier under-eyes as it will provide a fair amount of moisture but it's moisture that looks natural and is high performing. It's not so moisturizing that it creeps into fine lines and wrinkles within a few minutes like It Bye Bye and is closer to Tarte Marcuja Creaseless.

The emollients that are present will do a great job of "plumping" up skin and will temporarily fill out fine lines. The downside is that Come Correct probably isn't going to be your best bet for use on acne.

If you're a fan of greasepaint concealers you MUST try Wet 'n Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer. If you typically like long-wearing formulas like Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer or Mally Conditioning Cancellation Concealer than you probably won't be a huge fan of a concealer with this type of formula.

If you need clinical-level coverage for severe dark circles or a non-acne skin condition than this is one of the few (if not only) drugstore concealers that can probably give you satisfactory results.

Cons & Conclusions:
I know I've spent a lot of time describing how great Come Correct is, but there are some negatives to it's release as well. Namely, the fact that it's only the second week of 2015 and Wet 'n Wild has set the bar so incredibly high that I'm now preparing myself for a year of comparatively disappointing drugstore releases. 

*Sigh*....If only it had been released two weeks sooner I would have classified it as an outstanding 2014 finale!

How do you guys feel about "greasepaint" concealers for under-eye issues? 
Do you find yourself reaching for them or a drying, long-wearing formula more frequently? 
Maybe you prefer a cream concealer or silicone based, water soluble formula?

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Come Correct Celebrity Concealer; Review & Swatches of Full Coverage Shades
Wet 'n Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer Swatches of Shades
A111 Fair, A112 Medium Golden, A113 Medium Beige


  1. Great review! Thanks for the swatches, very helpful (Katherine T.)

  2. "Fair is a fantastic option for porcelain princesses and I am truly ecstatic about it!" a porcelain princess, I NEED this right now!! I'm excited to try!

    Nice addition with reminding the readers that they can mix shades. Why not try it when it's so inexpensive, after all?


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