Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream: Review

Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream (PR Sample)
Price: $85 per ounce
(Standard eye cream size is 1/2 ounce)


Sunday Riley is a skincare company you may or may not have heard of but they are certainly expanding and growing exponentially in the beauty world!

Sunday Riley put together a super team of chemists in 2007 and began laying out her vision for what skincare should be- concentrated, pure, and effective!

Her Start Over Active Eye Cream claims to be formulated with ingredients that will "repair, protect and nourish the under-eye area," and will deliver "anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, and anti-pollution protection," and is perfect for use throughout the day and night.

House in a clear bottle with a pump, you will find an ultra-lightweight, silky smooth, velvety textured moisturizing serum that is the ultimate luxury for your under-eye area.

You only need a teeny tiny pin drop to sufficiently moisturize and protect both eyes so a little goes along way. When you consider how far Start Over goes compared to other eye creams alongside the fact that Sunday Riley provides twice the amount of most competitors, it makes the $85 price tag a little less intimidating.

Because of the ingredients and the way Start Over was formulated, it will also work as well as many eye-shadow primers on your lids while providing a heavy dose of beneficial skincare ingredients.

You can use Start Over during the day, at night, or for both. (Just be sure that you do layer it with sunscreen for daytime use.)

Sunday Riley says that Start Over has an instant "cooling effect" and that's probably the one point I would disagree with. I would describe it more as a "soothing" effect.

Typically products achieve a cooling sensation by utilizing either menthol or alcohol- both of which can be extremely damaging to skin tissue. It's wonderful that Sunday Riley didn't include those but I don't want people to misinterpret the term cooling and assume they're present!

As for visible results, Start Over will temporarily fill in any fine lines and winkles because of the silicones, but keep your expectations reasonable. Skincare can only go so far and expecting any type of skin product to actually reverse signs of aging is only going to lead to disappointment.

That being said, Start Over is loaded with plenty of ingredients that are clinically proven to prevent and delay further aging so there's a good chance you can stop adding fine lines and winkles with it's use!

I actually started using it on my upper lip area as well as under my eyes. I find that the upper lip area is another place that can use a concentrated cocktail and it helps to fill in the few "fine lines" I'm starting to see when I scrunch my face!

From a chemical standpoint, your under eye area doesn't need a totally separate skincare regimen from the rest of your face. Skin is skin. The only difference is that the skin under your eyes is a bit thinner and more delicate which is why your under eye area can appear "see-through" or "transparent' compared to other areas on your face.

While it's important to keep that in mind, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy an eye-cream it just means that you need to be smart about buying an eye cream!

It's amazing to look through some of the ingredients of the best selling eye creams on the market and realize that they are nothing more than moisturizers. They provide your skin hydration which instantly plumps up skin but that's where they stop.

The vast majority of eye-creams have almost no anti-oxidants, skin repairing/skin identical, or cell communicating ingredients so they'll do nothing to help prevent signs of aging further.

The few companies that do actually include beneficial ingredients in their eye creams will often package the creams in a jar to make sure that any vitamins don't remain stable and the cream becomes useless with exposure to light and air.

I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on eye creams over the years that promise to reduce dark circles and under-eye bags before I learned that there is no evidence to suggest a topically applied product can have any impact on genetic under-eye bags or dark circles.

Of course certain ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce under-eye puffiness, but if you have serious bags that seem to sit under the skin and are never reduced no matter what you do; chances are you won't have much luck with a skincare product to correct them.

What a well formulated eye cream (like Sunday Riley's) WILL do, is

  • temporarily fill in fine lines
  • act as a primer and minimize concealer creasing
  • protect your skin from all of the dangerous pollutants that skin is exposed to daily
  • help prevent skin from aging any further (which is important because eye's are often the first to show signs of aging)

If these sound benefits sound good to you, then you should seriously consider adding Start Over Eye Cream to your skincare regimen.

The price tag on Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream may be a bit steep but it is a concentrated formula and they're giving you twice as much product. It's just the initial investment you have to worry about and one bottle will probably last 9 months* which makes the price far more reasonable and on-par with mainstream skincare lines!

***This means that if you add Start Over Eye Cream to your Christmas (or other holiday) Wishlist NOW, you probably won't need to order it again till the next holiday season!***

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