Monday, January 20, 2014

Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades

China Doll Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation


Price $50/ounce

 I've been in a serious form of lust with Napoleon Perdis products lately, and his China Doll Foundation is no exception!

It claims to be lightweight and give you skin like a China Doll while lasting all day. It definitely lives up to those claims without all of the usual negative side effects of Long-wearing foundations! (No patchiness, crackiness, etc.)

This is a Fabulous CRUELTY FREE option for those who need a long wearing foundation. It is a very unique formula and while I can liken it to a hybrid between Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15, and a long wearing formula like Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup, or Mac Pro Longwear Foundation.

The only two negative things I can say about this are-

-The Price $50 (however it will last a lot longer than normal foundations since you only need about half of what you normally would use to get full coverage)

-The shades. Personally I LOVE the shades. I got a swatch of 4 shades which was all Ulta had and amazingly I could *sort of* use any of the four shades which means they are all light-medium. My Ulta didn't have them in stock, but Napoleon does make darker shades in Look 4, Look 5, Look 6 & Look 7. I haven't seen them in person so I can't say HOW dark they actually go. As for light-medium tones, you have it made no matter your undertone and very fair shades have two options, either Look 1 or Look 2b. L1 is very yellowy /peachy but L2B is neutral without being too yellow or pink.

This is available at Ulta, Nordstroms, and Napoleon Perdis' website and is $50.

Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4,
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation Swatches of Shades
 Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4,
Taken immediately once semi-set. This picture should be first.

Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4,
L-R, Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 2B
Taken about 12 hours into wear time. Only Look 2B looks blotchy & that was because I swatched it too heavy, let it semi-set, then tried to wipe off the excess. Not a good plan and not the foundations fault.
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation Swatches of Shades Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4,
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation
Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation  Swatches of Shades Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4,


  1. It would be nice if you took before pics and then after pics wearing the product, or maybe do half of your face with the product and half without.

    1. Hi Hayley,
      Thanks so much for your thoughts! While before & afters can be nice, there are a couple reasons I don't do before & afters myself. for one, its a time issue.
      1)I have close to 100 foundations & concealers I need to get up soon so where I'm doing that many at once I'd lose my mind trying to photograph me wearing every single one, and there would be little to no visible difference between the pictures, especially for profucts with similar shades or formulas.

      2) B&A'S are awesome for colored products like lipstick & eyeshadow, but they are really tricky for face products, especially foundation, and the need to be done correctly so they're not misleading! Because it is foundation, I would have to show it w/additional makeup, or really cake it on. even w/a 50/50 split, if applied normally it won't really show up at all if its a proper match.

      3) some reviewers do an awesome job w/product B&A's, but its all too easy to create the same effect w/virtually any product, provided that you have proper application technique which many people (including me) could use some work on!especially when additional product is used, and I believe that can be unfair. (Ever seen HSN or QVC B&As? they look identical brand to brand, product to product because theyre done by professionals, im on the opposite end of professionals!)

      if I had some skin issues that I thought could be captured w/a camera itd be different, but right now (knock on wood) they don't show up so its really only noticeable w/additional makeup which takes away from the picture's integrity, does that make sense?
      Although I do have moles on my arms I photograph regularly to show coverage in concealers!

      I want people to be able to make decisions on facts & formulas, not artistery ability which is a huge variable. I could take a pic of this, revlon colorstay, double wear, or mac pro long wear, & they would all look the same, even though (I believe) this is a better product for most people (although its not matte, its a natural finish.)

      *if you want a long wearing-full coverage foundation, mally ultimate performance has B&A's, as does Tarte full coverage & I like both of those as much if not more than this one!* (mally's is closer to a typical longwear formula, but very improved!)

      Plus so so so many products are buildable from sheer to full so if I wore something one way I wouldn't want to deter people who want it to use it in a different way. because we as humans want Iinstant results its far to easy to be swayed by before & afters but there's too much they DONT acount for or capture. that's not a road I'm ready to go down, at least not w/foundation!

      If you want to take B&As of this or any other foundation, I'd be happy to post them or a link to them for you! again, I have nothing against them in general (that'd be rediculous), and i think they can be great to demonstrate how a product covers redness, acne, etc, but I really believe swatches of shades (wet&dry) & formula comparisons/analysis are much more effective tools for choosing the right foundation for you!

    2. You should do a whole post with before ane afters to show what you mean. I agree that they can look the same in pictures but be night and day in person from one product to another. I only rely on them for lipgloss and shadow and maybe sometimes concealer if that's all they are wearing

  2. Thats a great idea Brittany! I will add it to my "to do" pile! I think that could go along way.


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