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CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation-All Shade Swatches & Review

CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation; Review & All Shades Swatched
New for Spring 2014

Price: $18 for 1 ounce

No, its not a typo. CoverGirl & Olay's new Facelift Effect Firming Foundation IS a drugstore foundation, and it IS $18! So is it worth the price tag?

My Past History with CoverGirl & Olay Products;

Proctor & Gamble's two most well known companies in the beauty world, CoverGirl & Olay, have once again formed a love child which promises to bring you the best of both worlds. Claiming to be the product of numerous scientific breakthroughs, and the ability to deliver "Luminous Coverage with the firming power of a night cream," CoverGirl & Olay definitely didn't shy away from the bold marketing claims. (Although, this could very well be for the lack of marketing prior to this foundation's release.)

 I have a love/hate relationship with Olay. I started using Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum about 12 years ago and I have diligently tried nearly all of the Regenerist line since, but, I absolutely detest the fact that they do test on animals, so my guilt leads my purchases in other directions. That being said, I do believe that they do make some of the best skincare and anti-aging products available anywhere and unlike many companies, they have the budget & research to back up many of their claims.

My first experience with the CoverGirl Olay union was about 6 years ago. I bought a jar of Covergirl Advanced Radiance Cream Foundation, which has been discontinued. Fast Forward a few years, and Jimi stumbled upon the new Simply Ageless line. Knowing my fetish for Olay products, he brought me the Simply Ageless Concealer, and the Tone Rehab Foundation. Aside from the 20% increase in price, the principal difference between the Simply Ageless & Advanced Radiance lines, is that the AR is a CoverGirl product "with Olay Serum ingredients," whereas the SA line is presented be seemingly equal partners. Compared to most CoverGirl products, the Simply Ageless line carried a price point up to 40% higher, definitely on the steeper end for a drugstore product, but insignificant for any product with the one-stop-shopping-miracle-in-a-bottle-formula promised!

CoverGirl & Olay Firming Facelift Effect Foundation Review:

Overall, I have never been disapointed by any of the products in either CoverGirl & Olay line, and their new Facelift Effect Firming Foundation proves no different. My only complaint was that many times I would have a hard time finding a shade which wasn't pinky beige, and CoverGirl face products tend to oxidize in an unfavorable way. These problems are still present in the Facelift Effect Firming Foundation, but they are minimal and an obvious improvement from previous releases.

Coverage is great and the formula is a silky smooth creamy texture (which heavily resembles the original Advanced Radiance Creme Foundation.) It is definitely a moisturizing formula which I would not recommend for oily skin without careful consideration. 

As to the actual benefits gained from the inclusion of Olay? Well, I'm not a skincare expert, so I don't know how MUCH Olay is actually in the foundation. I do know this though: while Olay & CoverGirl may compare this foundation's firming ability to a night cream, No "night cream" can actually provide the firming effects implied, making that whole claim mute. Furthermore, I would feel a lot more comfortable with the products alleged skincare benefits, if it wasn't presented in the standard jar packaging Olay uses for their night creams. The jar packaging was my only other complaint about the original formula, and it seems that they still couldn't overcome that obstacle. 

Generally, I don't mind jar packaging for foundation itself. The bacterial concerns don't bother me. My issue with jar packaging is aroused only with the inclusion of antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, or any other age-defying property, as they almost always break down & degrade with exposure to air and light, rendering their presence utterly useless. This is just my two cents. (It's only worth about a penny, so do with it what you will). 

My final recommendation:

If you are looking for a new foundation & love Olay & CoverGirl, you may want to try this, but if you are looking for a foundation & skincare product in one; save your money and buy a moisturizer & a different foundation, preferably one with SPF*. 

*Again, I am by no means an expert on skincare, but I do understand the basics. For recommendations on skincare & foundation combos, check out Paula's Choice Beautypedia.

CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation Shades, Swatches, and Review of Fair, Light, Light Medium
CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation Swatches of Shades;
Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium

CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation shades Swatches Review of Fair, Light, Light Medium
CoverGirl & Olay Facelift Effect Firming Foundation Swatches of Shades;
Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium


  1. I would love to know if this product contains parabins. Thank you.

    1. I would imagine it does since 70% of all cosmetics use them, although Olay did just remove the Paraban preservative system in many of there products. Such a shame too since the Parabans are a MUCH gentler preservative than so many other options and parabans are some of the least likely to cause irritation.

      Parabans are one of the products getting a bad rep based purely on nonsensical rumors and research has proved time and time again there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, the government spent a fortune to find out if the rumors were worth their weight and the FDA officially declared parabens 100% risk free.

      As for whether this has parabens or not, Its easy to tell, just look at any jar of it in any drugstore and look at the ingredients or google the ingredients. I don't personally have a jar since its tested on animals.

      Just an FYI, if you eat Carrots or BLUEBERRIES, you're exposed to far more parabens than any skin care could ever deliver.

      Parabens in skincare

    2. A quick Google of ingredients proves that CoverGirl DID include Parabens in this formula which means that its far less likely to cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

      ***Plus, given the Jar packaging, you want to make sure that there is a solid and proven anti-bacterial/anti-fungal property, although the negatives from the jar will probably negate any preservation from the parabens.****


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