Friday, June 13, 2014

Mally Effortless Airbrush Highlighter & Blush Duo; Review & Swatches of Shades

Mally Beauty
Mally Effortless Airbrush & Highlighter

Price: $45 for 5.5 grams
About $8.80/gram
(Available at Ulta Stores)

Ulta says:
The Effortless Airbrush Highlighter and Blush formula isn't a powder; it's not a cream; it's the most beautiful marriage of hydrating and comforting ingredients that give you a soft, radiant glow and that perfect look of airbrushing with the precision and control of a brush. Its ingredients will brighten your entire face.

So does that make it worth the $45 price tag?
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I'm not really one to spend $45 on a blush...or a highlighter.....or a brush. Don't get me wrong, I grew up on Lancome products and I have used many a high end powders, but I'm really more of a $3 drugstore blush kinda person, and even then, only if I absolutely need to use it, so needless to say I was extremely skeptical of this whole concept.

Then I tried it. I tried it for a few days and it was amazing. I don't know why I was skeptical, Mally's color products are always fantasticly formulated and fool proof. I think I was just really put off by the price tag.

While it is initially daunting to consider spending that kind of money, when you consider what you're getting, its actually not bad. The brush is great for travel and would cost at least $15, and the blush and highlighter are each worth at least that much, so it's really not unreasonable.

What makes this so much different than most products, is the formula. If you read Ulta's description you saw the "not a powder, not a cream" part, and I can't emphasize enough how true that is. It's really not either and it has such a creamy application but without any of the creasing or negative side effects of a cream product.

They say that it will brighten your face, and it certainly does. In fact, you'd better be careful not to over do it or you'll look like a walking Lite Brite. (Ha. Remember those?) The fact that its so pigmented means that this will last you a long, long, long, time; AND it is one stop shopping for a blush, brush and highlighter so you can't ignore the convenience factor.

Because of the hybrid formulation, wear time is exceptional on normal skin. The cream/hydrating components almost prime my skin in such a way that the powder part just stays put without any fallout or patchiness.

It's available in two shades, Peach and Pretty in Pink and they are both absolutely Divine and will work on any shade skin its just a matter of which tone you prefer. I go back and forth between whether i like pink or peach blushes more on myself, but I can fluctuate more than most people can so if you have a preference I would recommend opting for that.

Either way, no matter which combination you try, it if highly unlikely you will be disappointed!

Mally Effortless Airbrush Highlighter & Blush Duo; Review & Swatches of Shades Peach & Pretty in Pink
Mally Effortless Airbrush Highlighter & Blush Duo; Swatches of Shades
Peach & Pretty in Pink

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