Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vichy DERMAFINISH Setting Powder Review

Vichy Dermablend/Dermafinish Setting Powder
Price: $21 an ounce

Vichy's Dermablend setting powder is now Vichy's Dermafinish setting powder. Vichy promises that this powder will extend the wear of the Dermafinish Corrective Finish Liquid Foundation and Dermafinish Corrective Stick, from 12 hours to an impressive 16.


Here's the thing about Vichy Dermafinish Setting Powder. There is absolutely nothing spectacular about it, and, among other things, the actual premise & marketing behind it is almost sinful.

These are the ingredients....

Notice anything? It's Talc. Just talc. Oh and a little bit of a paraben as a preservative. There's nothing wrong with the paraben on its own, but talc? Seriously Vichy. that's just awful.

In addition to being extremely misleading to consumers, it's just lazy. It's like Vichy went out, created a brand with an image of being "on the edge" and current with all skincare research, and then they mislabel baby powder and try to charge 10x the price. This is exactly the kind of thing cosmetic companies do which just infuriates me.

If you happen to like talcum powder as your setting powder and know that it doesn't break you out, there's nothing wrong with using it to set your makeup, in fact, it works rather well which is why it is a main ingredient in most formulas, (just not the SOLE ingredient), and it has been used for years. It can be drying on some skin types, but for very oily skin, it can work well.

I would highly suggest however, that if Talc is your first choice for a setting powder, go pick up 10 oz of unscented baby powder for $2 from a cruelty free brand, like the ones made by Walmart (Equate) and CVS (CVS Brand) and save yourself the $20 for a worthwhile beauty splurge!

If you really want the loose powder container and don't have any you can reuse, go to ebay and buy a mineral powder jar for another $1!

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