Friday, June 20, 2014

Mally Shadow Sticks; Review & Swatches of Shades

Mally Evercolor Eye Shadow Sticks
Price: $25

If you've read more than one of my reviews, chances are you've heard me proclaim my love for "me-proof" makeup that can withstand all of my gruesome application errors and still look somewhat decent. 

This is probably part of the reason that I'm such a fan of Mally makeup and the EverColor Shadow Sticks are no exception!

Like Mally's Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner's, her Evercolor Shadow Sticks come in a plethora of shades. The number changes periodically but at the time of this post there're about 24 shade which range from a soft pink to a deep plum and allow you to create an endless number of looks.

Each of the shades have a fair amount of shimmer, but it's not so much that you're lost in a sparkly abyss and your shadow's stealing attention from your facial features. It's actually just the right amount.

When you first apply the Shadow Sticks (which you can do by using the stick directly OR with a paddle type brush), they're amazingly creamy. You have plenty of time to blend and layer before they set to their budge-proof, smudge-proof, fade-proof finish.

You can get really creative with EverColor Shadow Sticks and because of the small delivery system, they're a great way to use several eye shadow colors without getting the standard muddy mess that can happen, (at least when I attempt such ballsy endeavors with powder products.)

Mally actually suggest using the Shadow Sticks as an eyeliner and there are several videos on her website that are worth taking a peek at. For a truly defined eye, she recommends applying your normal (let's say black) eyeliner in a thin, close to the lash line, and then going around with the Shadow Sticks.

Lining your eyeliner with a Shadow Stick is a fantastic & easy way to get a one-step smokey eye. You literally just line your eye liner with any color Shadow Stick and then gently smudge out the edges. 

Or you may chose to add a darker shade of Shadow Stick to your crease with a single swipe for a more traditional eye shadow look.

In addition to having such an amazing array of colors, Mally EverColor Shadow Sticks are unique in that they actually work exceptionally well. Usually with a cream to powder formula (of any kind), creasing is a major concern and if you try to use powder eye shadow with them, just cant.

That's not a concern though with Mally's Shadow Sticks and you absolutely can use them over or under powder eye shadow. They work very well as an eyelid primer and if you apply powdered shadow before the sticks set you can guaruntee a look that will stay all day. (You will need to work quickly though so that you can blend before the Shadow Sticks set.)

If you do run into the unfortunate experience of the Sticks setting before your done blending; DON'T PANIC. All is well. Simply apply another swipe of a Shadow Stick to re-soften your shadow and buy yourself some more blending time!

If you're like me and you hate the thought of applying eye shadow every day Mally's Shadow Sticks are worth trying. They're not your typical cream to powder formula so if you've had a bad experience you still should give them a chance to change your mind!

I know that $25 a piece seems a little steep, but Mally almost always has great deals and specials (designed to make me go broke) and her Shadow Sticks are usually featured since they're one of her best sellers. Even if it's not a shade you're dying to have it's a great way to test out the formula and get familiar with what they can do for you!

*Note: If you prefer a less shimmery eye shadow, Mally has also recently launched her new Matte EverColor Shadow Sticks which are available in Brown and Black.*

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