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Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation; Review & Swatches of Shades

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation, Nude - .67 fl oz
Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation, Liquid to Powder Makeup
New for Fall 2014
Price $9

Maybelline has now released what is the cheapest Liquid-Powder foundation in most drugstores, but is it worth it?

Parent company L'oreal has their Nude Magic Foundation which is almost identical to georgio Armani's Maestro Infusion foundation which the inspiration for the new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, (also owned by L'Oreal), so I guess it makes sense that they would try to release a Maybelline version as well.

This whole liquid-powder formulation fad is pretty nifty and when you find a well formulated example like Hourglass Immaculate Foundation, you can't help but be impressed. the idea is that you start with a liquid and end up with a soft matte, powder like finish so you get the best of both worlds; a long wearing, oil absorbing foundation which applies flawlessly. Sounds perfect right?

Heres the problem, the whole premise of having an evaporating liquid is just way too easy for cosmetic companies to skimp out on. How? Rubbing alcohol...

Its not secret that using alcohol can help a foundation start with slip and then dry to visible perfection, but the issue is with the free radical damage you're doing.  to your skin. Like UVA (wrinkle) sun rays, the damage may not be visible but it is there and that's a big problem if you intend to keep your skin for a while.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation, L'Oreal Magic Nude Foundation and even the beloved Georgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation are all made by L'Oreal companies and all are composed of the same formula. if you like one you'll like all and vice versa.

the good news is that if you're someone who likes to damage their skin so you sunbathe and/or use Armani Maestro, you now have not one, but two shade ranges in the drugstore to find your match via Maybelline's line or L'Oreal's. Then you can take the $50/bottle you save on your foundation and put it towards the plastic surgery you will likely need from the sun and alcohol damage!

Unlike an irritating fragrance which does linger indefinitely in foundations, you can remove the alcohol from any of these foundations by exposing them to air for an extended period of time. 

I frequently do this with products that have a small or trace amount of alcohol to ensure that its all evaporated, but when alcohol composes this much of a formula, you run the risk of changing the products performance so that is a risk you'll have to evaluate. 

The worst case scenario is that the foundations will lose their elegant fake and be slightly drier & "thicker" during application.

It really is too bad that Maybelline Fluid Touch is so bad for your skin but it does have an elegant finish and it would be nice to have a drugstore dupe for Hourglass Immaculate Liquid-Powder Foundation which is on the expensive side, but worth it and CRUELTY FREE!

Note: Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Dark Spot Correcting Serum Foundation is also a drugstore option. Alcohol is present, but not in the amount of the L'Oreal companies' foundations.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation; Liquid-Powder Swatches of Shades & Review
Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch ; Liquid-Powder Foundation Swatches of Shades
10 Porcelain Ivory; 15 Ivory; 20 Classic Ivory;
40 Nude; 50 Creamy Natural; 60 Sand Beige; 

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation; Liquid-Powder Swatches of Shades & Review
Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch ; Liquid-Powder Foundation Swatches of Shades
70 Pure Beige; 75 Natural Beige; 80 Medium Buff;
85 Sun Beige; 90 Honey Beige; 95 Coconut


  1. Wow, throwing out my Magic Nude. Eh, didn't really match anyway.

    1. At least the failed match will make it easier to part ways! I swear, every time I think I'm in absolute love, Paula Begoun's team tells me I'll probably die if I keep using it.........
      I'm cursed :-(

  2. I'm so glad I read this before buying another one of these! I bought it in the wrong shade but loved the formulation so I was going to go to the store and get the right shade. I think I'm going to try exposing it to air like you said and see if I still like it. Thank you for the honest review!

    1. NO problem! I actually do like it even after it's evaporated. You can do it bit by bit like in a 5ml sample jar or all at once. (You can actually see the alcohol all rise to the top of the bottle before it evaporates and a wider mouthed jar works fastest.)

      I have a better shade match in the L'Oreal Magic Nude than Maybelline so if you can't find a match in the Maybelline take a peek at Loreal!

  3. This foundation is not available on European market as far as I know. And L´Oreal Magic Nude is only in six shades, which is bit sad option....

    1. It'll probably make it's way over to Europe eventually...but hopefully it won't stay on the market that long.

      Europe is ALOT stricter than the U.S. about quality control and ingredients so they may be having trouble with that as well.

      It's a crazy ratio like Europe bans 1000 ingredients for every 12 the United States does so at least you have some government organization looking out for your skin's well-being!

  4. Just discovered your blog (very informative by the way!) when I was searching for color swatches of this foundation. I'm on the darker end of the spectrum ( mac nw45) and have never used a liquid foundation before and I wanted to try this one after seeing someone review it on youtube. Showing my makeup ignorance here, I'll admit that I did not know alcohol was in liquid foundation but I feel like it would be really drying (I had to start using alcohol-free toner for this reason).

    Hmm, the price is really affordable, so I think I’m going to get it and try it to satisfy my curiosity.

    1. Hi LKAY!
      Thanks so much for your kind words, glad you found the swatches helpful!

      Honestly, this foundation's not worth the damage it will do to your skin.

      alcohol IS very drying but more importantly alcohol can cause a 26% increase in cell death in just a few days at only 3% concentration levels; Dream Wonder has more than 7x that amount of alcohol which is about 1000x more efficient at destroying skin than smoking 2 packs a day is!

      (Think of all the live viruses & bacteria alcohol kills; it does the same to our cells.)
      The good news is that you can let the alcohol evaporate by leaving the jar open (or lighting a match over it.) it'll take a few days in such a narrow-nosed bottle but the alcohol rises to the top & you can pour it out or move the foundation to a wider bottle.

      If you're intriqued by this particular formula I would try l'oreals Magic Nude instead. its the same formula but the shades are much closer to Macs.

      If you just want a liquid to powder foundation, maybelline's new Fit Me MATTE & poreless is a safer option for the same price (and its alcohol free.)I have swatches up (theyre under "maybelline" and "liquid to powder".)

      If you're not familiar with liquid foundations and you have drier skin you may not like this type of formula. its designed for oil-control. it may be a better "summer foundation" and you may want something a tad more moisturizing. (You can still get a matte finish w/out being overly drying.)

      I can come up w/a list of foundations in this price range that might work well for you if you're unsure but its not worth destroying your skin to test out any foundation so make sure you let the alcohol out!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll start by looking at the reviews of the two you suggested and browse around your site some more to see if any other formulas (both drugstore and more expensive) pique my interest/have colors that will work for my skin tone. As a person whose only ever used powder, I have just been really curious about using and experiencing liquid foundation.

  6. I have the physicians formula one and I don't recommend it .. shades are like pure orange lol. I'd like to try the maybelline one .. but I really try to avoid brands which are not cruelty free :/

  7. 75 Natural Beige has yellow or pink undertone???

  8. im a convert to Maybelline foundation, great value for money, great skin matches and stays on through the day. thanks Maybelline


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