Wednesday, November 19, 2014

KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler Review!

KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler
Price: $59.99
(Available at InstaWave's website)


Do YOU have trouble maneuvering a curling iron like I do? Is your best case scenario some uneven curls that look like a 5 year old's doll? Mine was. My worst case scenario ususally resulted in something along the lines of schorched hair, short-circuited electrical outlets, (and in rare cases fire.)

Needless to say, I really don''t venture in to the world of hair-curling very often (I would choose flat, straight, lifeless hair over the above options). I was shocked when KISS chose me to be part of their InstaWave testing group. I wanted to be excited and believe that I could finally have curls (that I did myself) but I was skeptical at the same time....

Before my InstaWave Automatic Curling Iron arrived, I prepared myself. I wanted to make sure I had learned everything that I could about any quirks it had and I wanted to know any tips that could help me.

When the InstaWave finally arrived (after a tormenting two day wait), I definitely had some heavy levels of nervous excitement happening!

The KISS InstaWave is totally different from your traditional curling iron and it may look a little intimidating at first, but it's really as easy and takes about 4 seconds to figure it out the InstaWave features which include:

  • ON/OFF indiator light which is initially red and turns blue when the curling iron is ready to use. (It seems to be about 30 seconds.)
  • Two settings. HIGH is used for tight curls and LOW can be used for soft "beachy waves."
  • High quality ceramic coating that helps to smooth your hair, add shine, and prevent flyaway strands,
  • A maximum temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A Left/Right button to determine the direction you want the curls to go
  • Four picks that run parallel to the barrel in lieu of a traditional curling iron "clip." These come in incredible handy. The actually grab your hair gently and wrap the sections around the barrel while making sure that you have no knots and ensuring a tangle free experience.

You start using the KISS InstaWave by sectioning off your hair (top to bottom).

  • Hold the curling iron close to your head- vertically
  • You then place a 1-2" section in between two of the picks
    • (If you want the curls to go TOWARDS your face you place the hair BEHIND the barrel. 
    • If you want the curls to go AWAY from your face you place the hair in the picks INFRONT of the barrel.)
  • Then hit the button for the direction you want your curl. 
  • Once your hair is wrapped around the barrel, you hold for 3-10 seconds. (3 seconds for soft waves, and 10 seconds for tight curls.)

In addition to the horrible experiences I've had with curling irons in the past that I mentioned I had a few other concerns.

For starters, I don't always have full mobility of my right shoulder so I was planning on having my husband help me curl the back of my hair in order to do a proper review. I didn't need him after all. The InstaWave is adaptable and versatile enough that I was able to do my entire head by myself.

While that may not seem like a big deal, when you consider that I can't blow dry my own hair entirely without help, that's pretty significant.

My second issue, is the style of haircut I have right now. I donated my hair to charity last year and had my haircut in the most fantastic A-line bob but it's started to grow out. The front of my hair is not at just about my shoulders while the back of my hair is only about 2 inches past the base of my neck so it's really not long enough to curl.

I wish that I had just gotten my hair cut and had some stacking in the back so that the longer hair would cover it in curls and I'm happy enough with the InstaWave results that I may actually have it done soon just so that I can use it on my whole head!

The only thing I wish KISS would do, is release a smaller barrel InstaWave for shorter hair and tighter curls. Maybe that'll be their next project! In the interim, InstaWave is probably best for those with at lease 5-6" of hair (from the scalp.)

 I can't remember the last time I bought a curling iron of any kind but I'm sure it was one I saw on sale at CVS for $10....(which actually may explain why I've had such a long list of bad experiences.)

The big question I have to ask myself, is whether or not I would spend $60 on the InstaWave curler and the answer is emphatically YES, and I feel totally comfortable suggesting you do!

You can purchase InstaWave & see cool videos at!

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