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1D Limited Edition Mascara, UV Gloss & Nail Kit; Review & Swatches of Shades

One Direction & Markwins
-Liquid-Lights UV Glow Gloss,
-ElectroGlam Mascara, &
-Rock Me Nail Varnish & Glitter Kit
Price: $16.50 per set


I recently posted about Markins' partnership with musical sensation One Direction to release a limited edition line of edgy, trendsetting, vibrant makeup for the 2014 Holiday Season!

Today I'm happy to report that the makeup IS of the typical fabulous Markwins quality we were hoping for, and you can find full reviews & swatches for the ElectroGlam Mascara, Rock Me Nail Kit & Liqui-Lights Glow Gloss!

ElectroGlam Mascara: 
1d Colored Mascara Why Don't We Go There Blue, Does He know Pink, and Story of My Life Yellow, Electro-GlamThe Electro-Glam Mascara set comes with three separate mascaras; a bright blue, a neon pink, and a vibrant canary yellow!  
You can use Electro-Glam Mascara as a traditional mascara for truly shocking lashes, or you can apply it to just the lash tips over your regular back mascara for a hint of color. You can also use the Electro-Glam set in your hair for some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G temporary highlights. 
The formula is similar to other Markwins' mascaras and it's great. Each brush is big and almost over-sized but it separates and volumizes lashes brilliantly. The stop
per at the end of the tube is smaller and thinner than many mascaras which is great because you don't have to worry about getting a wet-brush drenched with 5x more mascara than you need! 
Some people may have prefered if the formula was waterproof but One Direction and Markwins made the right call by making a water-soluble formula; especially when you consider that most people probably aren't going to want to wear neon-pink mascara 24/7 so it's a good idea to have a formula that can be removed easily.  
This is especially great for the teenage girl (or anyone else) that needs to be able to adjust their makeup look quickly and easily for school & after-school activities versus a Friday Night Party! 
If you really need a waterproof formula, you  can use something like Ulta's Mascara "Raincoat" Topcoat which is exactly what the name implies and will render any mascara waterproof!
As for using Electro-Glam Mascara in your hair, it takes a tad of practice but if you're familiar with temporary hair dyes/highlights you should have no problem. I hadn't used anything like this in about 15 years so I made the initial mistake of just starting at the root and trying to blend it down. (Don't do that.)  
Use short strokes and rotate the mascara brush as you apply and you should be good to go. I actually enjoyed the pink highlights so much that I re-applied them quite a few times last week. They last for a long-while (up to a few days) and will last even longer if you apply hairspray or other silicone product to help hold the mascara in place. 
The yellow shade was a bit tricky for me personally to use but I think that that's probably because of my ultra-light lashes and hair. I think that they would look beautiful on someone with darker hair and a medium to deep skintone who doesn't have to worry about looking washed out. 
All in all, for $5.50 a piece, this set is a bargain at $16.50 and you should grab it while you can!

Liqui-Lights UV Glow Gloss: 
1D BlackLight Glowing Lip Gloss; Swatches of Shades Kiss You, Taken, Through the DarkThe Liquid-Lights UV Glow Gloss claim to fame is it's ability to change color under UV light & "glow." I know this may seem shocking, but I wasn't at any Raves this past week (or anywhere else with a black light) so I didn't get to fully test this feature. 
(I thought I had a black light somewhere I bought to catch my dog's "accident spots" when she was a puppy, but she's 11 years old now so the UV light has been consumed by the abyss.) 
The formula of the UV Glow Gloss is absolutely amazing. The swatches look awfully sparkly, but when they're applied they're surprisingly natural looking. They're not too sticky and the last a decent amount of time. The color is sheer but provides just a pop of brightness. 
Liqui-Lights are a fantastic option for the preteen or teenage girl who wants to wear dramatic makeup but who's parents object to a heavy application. By having a "UV Light Activated Gloss" it's a cool and trendy enough product that she won't be embarrassed to wear it or feel left out.  
Now add the One Direction factor AND the fact that if she is anywhere with a black light, she'll be the envy of all her friends. Before you completely panic, she doesn't need to go anywhere too risque to show off her glowing lips either because even Spencer's Gift Store which is in nearly every mall and is a teenage magnet has UV lighting that will activate her neon-pout! 
Rock Me Nail Varnish & Glitter Kit:
The Rock Me Nail Kit comes complete with 3 nail polishes and 3 glittery sparkle jars. If you count wearing the polish alone; that's a total of 12 possible combinations of looks you can get out of the one kit- not bad for $16.50. 
The nail polish comes in a bright pink, a bright blue and a clear polish that's already loaded with spagetti-style glitter. The polishes apply easily, smoothly, and are extremely pigmented. Even the bright blue color (which is NOT an easy color) is fully done with only two coats. 
The glitter packs are housed in small jars which have a protective plastic seal under the lid. You can either sprinkle the glitter onto your nails for a semi-shimmery look, or you can dip your wet nails into the glitter pot itself for full-on-drama. 
1D Nail Lacquer/Polish & Sparkle Swatches of Shades Happily, Moments, Diana, Not Afraid, Star, KickThe three shades of glitter match the three shades of polish but that shouldn't stop you from experimenting! The pink & blue glitters are finer and thinner than the silver glitter but all are relatively easy to work with. 
***If you only want to sprinkle a thin layer of glitter, I highly suggest that you puncture a few small holes into the pastic protector instead of pealing it back; unless ofcouse you're a nail-glitter pro and/or already have a sifter or funnel for mess-free application.*** 
I can't tell you exactly how long the polish will last (plus alot of that will depend on what type of topcoat you use or if you use one at all) but I can tell you that after 3 days my three nails I painted are totally chip free and still look freshly-applied. 
Again, I find the pink shade to be the superstar of the varnish set because it's versatile enough that you CAN wear it everyday (and because I'm a sucker for a pretty pink.) 
While $16.50 may seem a bit steep to spend on nail polish, that's only the cost of two O.P.I nail lacquers; the quality of One Direction's are just as good and instead of getting two polishes, you're getting a collection of 6 nail products which is a total bargain!

All in all, I think Markwins made 1D a makeup collection that they can truly be proud of. It may not be makeup that adults would wear everyday, but it's not supposed to be makeup that adults would wear everyday! It's a fun, colorful collection that caters to the One Direction fan genre of teenage girls. That's what 1Direction (makeup) does and it's done very well!

If you're shopping for a teenage girl or One Direction Fan, you should definitely consider these limited edition options. If you have multiple neices or daughters and are unsure what set to get who, you can always buy a nail kit, Electro-glam mascara, and UV-Light lip gloss and give each girl one item from each set!

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