Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mally Liquid Face Defender; Review & Swatches of Shades

Mally Shaded Liquid Face Defender
Price: $40 per ounce

When Mally created her original EverColor Poreless Face Defender, she did something that rarely happens by revolutionizing the beauty world and the way we set our makeup.

Her Liquid Face Defender uses the same technology as her original, is available in four tinted shades and provides similar benefits to the original but requires slightly different technique!

The original Face Defender is a solid silicone compact. You set your makeup with it by patting  your sponge on the compact and gently patting your face. It is of the utmost importance that you don't swipe the sponge onto your skin or you'll run the risk of removing makeup!

The same application is required for the Liquid Face Defender. You'll need to take care to PAT it onto your skin in a manner that doesn't disturb your makeup. The principal difference is that you can actually see the Shaded Face Defender on your sponge because you use a bit more product than you would with the original version.

When you squeeze the tube, you just gently dispense product onto your sponge. You may want to gently spread the product around the sponge for the most even results, and then just pat over oily areas,

The Liquid Face Defender is excellent at absorbing excess oil and works equally well as a primer or a setting product and it's thick enough that it will minimize pores and temporarily fill in fine lines and winkles.

The four tinted shades range from Fair/Light to Rich but they apply so sheerly that almost any skintone can use almost any shade. It's not designed to give you added coverage it's simply a sheer wash of color. (Mally even makes a point to clarify this on her website by saying that it's "not your full coverage foundation.")

One thing that I've found the shaded Defender to excel at is contouring. I got the idea from the CoverGirl TruMagic Sunkisser. (CoverGirl released their TruMagic products last year in hopes of copying the success of Mally's Defender.)

Because the Face Defender is a mattifying product and obviously shimmer-free, it provides just enough of a slight tint that looks natural and beautifully carves out cheekbones and shapes your nose. (I'm actually really surprised that Mally hasn't mentioned this huge bonus.)

If you like the original Face Defender and are happy with it than you may not need to bother with the liquid version, but if you're curious it's certainly worth a try. It is an awesome product to replace your pressed powder with and avoid any cakiness permanently! 
Mally Tinted Poreless Face Defender Swatches of Shades Fair/Light, Medium, Tan, Rich
Mally Tinted Liquid Face Defender
Swatches of Shades
Fair/Light, Medium, Tan, Rich

Mally Poreless Liquid Face Defender Shaded Swatches
Mally Tinted Liquid Face Defender
Swatches of Shades
Fair/Light, Medium, Tan, Rich

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