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Milani Smooth Finish Cream/Creme Compact Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades

Milani Smooth Finish Cream/Creme Compact
Price: About $10


It's all in the name. Milani Smooth Finish Compact is a Cream/creme formula foundation which promises a smooth finish and flawless complexion, but often times, these names are over stated and only lead to disappointment, Will Smooth Finish prove different?

Overall, Milani has done a fabulous job with the formula of Smooth Finish Cream-Powder Foundation. It is a true cream to powder foundation, so the silicones in it will do a great job of giving you a silky velvety finish while providing great medium (buidable to full easily), coverage, and, don't forget, Milani is CRUELTY FREE!!!!

Out of the more popular cream to powder compacts such as L'oreal Truematch Super Blendable Compact, L'oreal Visible Lift Absolute Repair Compact, Neutrogena's Compact with Helioplex, Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse, Milani takes the cake with their extremely blendable formula's performance, finish and coverage.

Milani Smooth Finish Cream Compact Foundation actually would fair well in a competition with most high end versions and it actually only has two minute factors that could be improved upon- The shade range & the fragrance.

Shades are limited, but not horrible, and they are much more reasonable than many drugstore competitors as Milani shades lack that distinct gray/beige of many drugstore lines.. Medium & tan Tones are definitely more likely to find their match here.

There are only two light shades, Buff 09 which I have, is equal to NC20 and has yellow undertones. Soft Beige 13 is about NW15 and has pink undertones. Both are really decent options for fair to light skin, and then there's a pretty significant jump to the Nc40 & deeper range, with nothing in the Nc20-40 range.

As or the smell, I for one have to admit, that I NEVER have ever complained about the smell of any product. I don't like food flavored lip things, but that's a preference and only because it makes me hungry. I have never ever ever refused to use a product because of the smell, and usually I love the smell of cosmetic & skincare items. Very very few people actually mention the smell of this on MakeupAlley so that could imply I'm insane, which is a legitimate possibility since I LOVE the smell of many things most people hate.

Paula's Choice rated this a GOOD product and does mention the smell, but they always do that and it never actually has made me think twice unless they imply that the particular fragrance used can cause cell damage or irritation which in this case they don't so that should resonate highly.

I want so badly to highly recommend this, and I do recommend it highly; but I can't in good conscience neglect to mention the smell although it may just be me. I have asked several people who have tried it and the smell was unnoticed.

Because of the way these are packaged, you'll probably be able to smell the fragrance before buying it to see if it will bother you. As for choosing shades, they pretty much apply how they appear and because of the formula there is minimal oxidation or color changing throughout the day so if you have normal, dry or slightly oily skin, and you're looking for an inexpensive cream foundation, Milani Smooth Finish Foundation is a great Cruelty Free option to consider!
Milani Smooth Finish Creme Compact Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades
Milani Smooth Finish Creme Compact Foundation Swatches of Shades Buff & Soft Beige

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