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NYX Dark Circle Concealer Review & Swatches of Shades

NYX Dark Circle Concealer 
New for Spring 2014
Price $5.99 for 2.9 grams
Approx $2/gram

This is part of NYX's new lineup for Spring 2014. If you are looking for NYX's Classic Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in a Jar, just click the link and it will take you to the full review. Otherwise, you can see comparisons of the old & new concealer swatches if you keep reading...
I ordered the Dark Circle Concealer online because my local stores don't have it yet (the manager at my Ulta is calling me as soon as this is in stock and I will be able to swatch the entire shade range.)

The shade selection is really limited. You only get a total of 4 shades to chose from (Fair, Light, Medium, Tan). Again, I havent seen all the shades, so I really can't comment on the range of skintones they'll suit. I ordered "Light"  based on the Ulta website's horribly awful computer generated swatches and given the fact that I am typically considered "light" as opposed to fair or medium. What the images below do NOT demonstrate is the INTENSE level of ORANGE pigments in this concealer. It definitely is not a product that will work for the majority of people, but for the minority looking for a moderately deep-deep CORRECTOR, this may work, but then again, it may not. (How's that for decisive?)

Fair    LightMediumDeep
                                               Left to Right: Fair, Light, Medium, Deep

The Dark Circle Concealer is obviously designed for dark circles and not blemishes which is obvious by its severely emollient formula. It is allegedly formulated with revolutionary "orange pigments" to counteract dark spots. Needless to say, thats not a revolutionary concept by any means, but that claim holds true in that this concealer is certainly LOADED with peachy pigments. In fact, I initially thought they had sent me an orange corrector instead of a concealer it was so orange when I opened it!

It does apply a fair amount lighter than it initially appears, but still not as light as you might think. Again, I got Light, so Fair may be a good deal lighter, but it definately has orange/pink undertones.

This is NOT a concealer that will likely match your face for blemishes, but it does have a purpose.

I really believe that this should have been labeled a CORRECTOR, not a concealer. It is similar to Bobbi Brown's Correcter and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, but its not petroleum based its more of a traditional cream concealer like MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

 It would run a chance at being one of my favorites if it was a better shade match, but out of Fair & Light, Fair wins which isn't great for those who are paler than me. None the less, NYX Dark Circle Concealer will neutralize dark circles so for that reason is best used UNDER foundation. Light would be a good match for an NC20-30.

It has as much if not more pigment than NYX's Full Coverage Concealer in a Jar and applies fairly similar to that.

It's something worth trying, just keep your expectations in check. All of the shades are similar in tone to the Light Shade since it was vehemently advertised that it contained orange pigments. If you're looking for a one stop concealer miracle, this isn't it, but it will neutralize dark circles!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer, Review & Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Medium, Deep
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Medium, Deep

NYX Dark Circle Concealer
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Medium, Deep

NYX Dark Circle & Full Coverage in a Jar Concealer, Review & Swatches of Shades Fair, Light, Beige and Yellow
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Swatches of Shades Fair & Light vs
Nyx Above & Beyond Full Cover Concealer Swatches of Shades in Yellow and Beige

 LEFT is NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Light
RIGHT Is NYX Above & Beyond Full Cover Concealer in a Jar in Beige

(NYX Definitely went with an opposite end of the undertone spectrum for this one).

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