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NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation Review & Swatches of Shades

 NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation
New for Spring 2014


Price: $11.99 for .85oz
Approx $15/ounce

So my little attempt to purchase the NYX Mineral Foundation Stick, led me to buy their new Dark Circle Concealer and their New for Spring 2014, Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation.

I was really really surprised by the formula for this foundation...
I really think they did a very poor job marketing this. I hear full coverage and I expect FULL COVERAGE. Its one thing to say Medium-Full Buidable Coverage, then I expect a medium coverage foundation with buildable coverage, but when they claim FULLEST COVERAGE, I expect a very full coverage foundation that is difficult to sheer down. Kat Von D Makes a Full Coverage foundation, Becca's Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation is Full Coverage too. Hard Candy makes Just Face It Foundation that is MUCH closer to full coverage than this debacle from NYX.

Now, my purchase made under false pretenses aside, this is not a BAD product, Really. It comes in an impressive 15 shades, with varying undertones in every depth., and overall, it is a decent foundation with standard medium coverage. It is a perfect Dupe for L'oreal TrueMatch Lumi or Lancome Photogenic Lumessence Foundation and it's a thicker, fuller coverage (less dewy) option for  MAC Mineralize Moisturecover. It provides a Satiny finish and is not Matte, nor is it particularly long lasting. I may get 10 hours of wear from it, but I have normal/slightly dry skin and usually get much longer wear time than average. I wouldn't say this is best for Oily skin, but if you set it and know what to compare it to, you may find it suits your need, although not likely for hot days.

 I ordered Light which is a good match for me, but it is supposed to be the shade with the most yellow and it is definitely leaning on the orangey/peachy/pink side. I can certainly get by with it, but none of the shades are even close to how they are represented. I do like the brightness of the shade I got, as I really despise dull or beige foundation shades. After seeing the shade guide, I do believe I ordered the correct shade for me, but the accuracy of the descriptions concerns me because INF03 LIGHT which I got, is absolutely a Peachy/Orangey color (you can see below), but they describe it as having yellow undertones. Many foundations have true yellow undertones, LIGHT in Invincible does not. Some people with neutral undertones can fluctuate slightly between yellow and peach undertones, but many people can't so keep that in mind.

Regardless of the misleading advertising, this IS a quality product and worth trying, but once again, NYX has mis-marketed a product which will most certainly come back to bite them in the rear as people will make purchases based on that advertising and be disappointed, especially before reviews for the product are commonplace!

Shade Guide:
This is the shade guide as described by NYX on their website. I really believe that whoever did the marketing for their Spring 2014 releases has a serious problem with colors and no concept of product formulas considering that their Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation is a standard, satin finish medium coverage foundation; the new NYX "BB" Cream, is really just a tinted primer with no skincare; and their mineral stick foundation is just a regular (but great) stick foundation.

That just addresses the formulas, as for the shade descriptions: for the mineral stick foundation, its a pretty safe bet to assume that whatever color the say will suit your undertone, will be the worst possible selection for you. For the Invincible Full Cover, its no where near AS bad. The shade descriptions seem to be pretty realistic. I would definitely say that the one I purchase, 04 Light, is more peachy than yellow, but they seem to be pretty consistent with these shade.

*Hints for Fair, Light, & Medium Skintones: (I have no experience with deep skintones and I am sure that those who are dark skinned have experienced a pale person misdirecting them, so I will not even attempt to analyze those shades, especially where I have not seen them first hand.)
If you are peachy, look for ones that say "Yellow Undertones".
If you are Olive Skinned Look for ones that say "beige undertones"
If you can figure out the difference between a "yellow" & a "golden" undertone, please let me know because I'm lost and I feel that the vocabulary switch up just adds confusion and diminishes the credibility of the former descriptions.

For Fair Skin:
Ivory- INF01: Fair skin with YELLOW undertones
Fair- INF02: FAIR skin with BEIGE undertones
For Light Skin:
Porcelain- INF03: LIGHT skin with PINK undertones
Light- INF04: LIGHT skin with YELLOW undertones

For Light/Medium Skin:
Light Medium: INF05 LIGHT/MEDIUM skin with BEIGE undertones

For Medium Skin:
Medium: INF06: MEDIUM skin with YELLOW undertones
Medium Beige- INF07: MEDIUM skin with BEIGE undertones
Golden Beige- INF08: MEDIUM skin with GOLDEN undertones
Cool Tan- INF09: MEDIUM skin with PINK undertones

For Medium/Deep Skin:
Honey Beige- INF10: MEDIUM/DEEP skin with GOLD undertones
Warm Tan-INF11: MEDIUM/DEEP skin with RED undertones
Tan- INF12: MEDIUM/DEEP skin with BEIGE PINK undertones
Caramel- INF13: MEDIUM/DEEP skin with BEIGE undertones

For Deep Skin:
Chestnust- INF14: DEEP skin with BEIGE undertones
Cocoa- INF15: DEEP skin with RED undertones

NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Review & Swatches of Shades Porcelain, Light, Medium, Beige, Golden, Cool, Warm, Tan, Caramel,
NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation, Swatches of Shades
01 Ivory, 02 Fair, 03 Porcelain, 04 Light, 05 Light Medium,
06 Medium, 07 Medium Beige, 08 Golden Beige, 09 Cool Tan, 10 Honey Beige,


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this, I was having the hardest time choosing a shade, but I need very full coverage. I'm glad I didn't order it!

  2. I mean, this is buildable to almost full coverage, but you're going to have to work at it- hard if you need really full coverage like you said. Typically for "fullest full" coverage, try either a traditional long-wearing formula, or a true emollient foundation with powder. (Don't set a long-wearing one with powder, just do touch ups if you need it!) Good luck!

  3. Thank you for this review... I was considering it for a long time.. I am definitely gonna get it..

    1. so glad it was helpful and so sorry I didn't respond sooner, i totally missed your comment!

  4. Hi! I'm still so confused what shade to get. I'm of Asian descent, but I do believe I have neutral undertones (equal amount of blue and green veins visible). Though I can "work" with fluctuating between yellowish to peachyish undertones, I find that yellow ones are more favorable as the peachyish ones sometimes cast an unnatural whiteness on me. Does that make sense? Anyway, I think I'm a NC20-25. Now on the lighter side. I also despise beige foundations, but -- with your review -- it seems like the Light Medium with beige undertones is best for me. Would you mind helping me out?


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