Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mally City Chick Smokey Eye Shadow Palette & Eyeshadow Base; Review & Swatches of Shades

Mally City Chick Smokey Eye Kit Eye Shadow Palette & Base
Price: $40

Mally Roncal has been making her way into the mainstream makeup world with a collection of amazingly unique & revolutionary products for a while now, and her original City Chick Smokey Eye Eye Shadow Palette is no exception!

Basically, its a standard "Mally" rectangular compact, and inside you have 4 products, 3 eyeshadows & 1 eye shadow base which promise to give you the perfect smokey eye.

 Originally available in only 3 color combinations, it appears that Mally has since released an additional 7, for a total of 10 richly sophisticated palettes with a feel of velvet and just the right amount of shimmer to keep your classy image intact!

Now, I am by no means a makeup artist. In fact, my application of eye shadow could be considered downright pitiful on most occasions, and even I can make these palettes work rather nicely without all the colors blending together into a murky mess of gray that is my usual eye-wear.

As I said, you do get some shimmer in each color, but even the matte masters over at Paula's Choice rated this a best, so the shimmer is not exceptional by any means. The pigments are intense and the combos are neutral. The texture is like velvet and will show up sheerly on unpreppd, naked skin, but, if applied over the eye shadow base included, that's when the real magic happens!

Unlike most cosmetic companies who chose to use a silicone based primer or eye shadow base, Mally went a different route and included and emollient based primer, which is uncannily similar to Mally's Cancellation Concealer in Medium, but, none the less, is an amazing product. While it may only come in one shade, that shouldn't prove an issue if you apply it correctly.

Unlike a complexion product which must come in multiple shades to be effective, the eye shadow base is meant to be used under a color product, so it will work for any skin tone. I would imagine that those who are skilled in eye shadow application will have a very easy time incorporating the shadow base into their daily looks by applying it in areas they want intensified, like their crease or outer corners, for a truly dimensional & intense look!

Overall, I would definitely say that this is one to pick up if you can. Any of the combos are absolutely to die for and I highly recommend them! If you happen to be concerned about the price, just remember that $40 for 4 products is only $10 a pan, and that's a fabulous price!

Mally City Chick Smokey Eye Kit; Eyeshadow palette & base. Review & Swatches of Shades Brownstone, Sky Scraper, Plum Chelsea
1. Brownstone
2. Sky Scraper
3. Plum Chelsea

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