Friday, June 13, 2014

Mally Finish Line PRO Luminizer, (Highlighter); Swatches of Shades & Review!

Mally Pro Finish Luminizer (Highlighting  Cream-Powder)
Price: $20
Mally Says-

"Create the cheekbones you wish you were born with! Mally's Finish Line Professional Luminizer is the makeup artists' secret to beautiful light and accents in a simple compact. This innovative, lightweight cream to powder formula is designed to diffuse light and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. It's also the perfect accent to highlight cheekbones, lift eyes, plump lips, or just add a flash of light to spark up your look."

Mally's Pro Finish Line Luminizer is a cream-powder highlighter, and unlike many products, it doesn't make preposterous claims, and instead opts for a simple approach, claiming to be a highlighter which highlights areas you want highlighted. Should be easy enough right?

Surprisingly enough, many highlighters today, whether in pen form or powder, are not totally "idiot proof," meaning that when you apply them, you could easily apply too much or remove existing foundation & face makeup which is never fun. Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer eliminates those issues.

The formula itself is insanely interesting. Its similar to Almay's New Eye Shadow "Softees" Singles, in that its a cream to powder, or powdery cream. Basically initially its nearly impossible to tell whether it's a powder or a cream (as crazy as that sounds), but as you apply it, (which it does without disturbing existing makeup) it ends with a powdery finish that is truly elegant. Just be sure to use a stiffer brush so that it can pick up the product adequately!

It sheers out for a subtle effect, or its buildable to the point of  a pigmented eyeshadow (yes, it will double as an eyeshadow.)

There are two shades available, Heavenly; which is a marshmallow white with a hint of silver, and Luminous, which is a pale, soft gold. Both shades are beautiful and will easily work on 98% of all skintones equally well, it is simply a matter of preference.

Definitely consider this one for your next Mally order if your looking for a simple way to accentuate your features!

Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer Highlighter; Review & Swatches of Shades Heavenly & Luminous
Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer Highlighter; Swatches of Shades
Heavenly & Luminous
Mally Finish Line, Pro Luminizer in Heavenly
Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer in Heavenly

Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer HIghlighter in Heavenly Swatch
Mally Finish Line Pro Luminizer in Heavenly

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