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Napoleon Perdis; The ONE Concealer. Swatches, & Review

Napoleon Perdis The ONE Concealer/Corrector
Price $29
I believe its about 2 grams of product which is $15/gram

The idea behind the One Concealer is:
The One Concealer is a solid cream that melts into the skin when warmed, thanks to skin-compatible esters that aid application. The high-pigment content in the formula and peachy nude hue deliver convincing, medium-weight coverage to camouflage imperfections including under-eye circles and bags, blemishes, sun spots, broken capillaries and redness. When blended carefully into the skin it leaves a fine, matte finish while forgiving fine lines and wrinkles.

Sounds like a worth while invention...
Basically, The ONE Concealer is like every other petroleum based concealer. It has a solid consistency which turns into a liquid once on your skin. The key thing about The ONE concealer, is that you can't think of it as a concealer.

Because The ONE Concealer comes in only one shade, and its a mid-tone pinky, peachy, salmon color, The One Concealer works far better when used as a corrector than it ever could as a concealer. If you were to put this over your foundation, you would just be left with pink under-eyes.

It's not designed to be used on blemishes,  it could exaggerate the appearance of acne as well as clog pores, because of the formula's nature and shade. It will however, when blended with ones skin prior to foundation application, neutralize dark circles pretty well. The key is to use it sparingly. Color wise, this is about equal to Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Bisque or Peach, although it is closer to the deeper Bisque end of the range. Its also similar to Laura Mercier Secret Concealer formula wise, and its very comparable to her corrector shades.

The "matte" finish Napoleon claims that this has is somewhat true and somewhat misleading as well. It does have a matte finish, IF you use a very thin layer under your eyes and blend it thoroughly. In small amounts your skin will actually absorb the emollient base and leave only the pigment. If you happen to use too much, you will be left with a satin-dewy finish like that of any other emollient formula.

While Napoleon claims this concealer is suitable for any skin tone but it will work far better on those with light/medium to tan complexions. Those with fair skin will find that it is much to dark for them, and its a shame because it does have a very nice consistency and surpasses many other choices in regards to formula.

If you have used a corrector before, or you are in the appropriate shade range for this one, its worth picking up, especially considering its about half the price of Bobbi Browns' choices.

If you have fair skin and are looking for a concealer with a similar formula, your best Cruelty Free option would be Stila Stay All Day Concealer which retails for around $21 and comes in an impressive selection of 16 shades which range from fair-deep.

Has anyone else tried Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer? How did it compare to your favorites?

Napoleon Perdis The ONE Concealer; Review & Swatches of Shades
Napoleon Perdis The ONE Concealer; Swatches of Only Shade
*Note: The picture appears a great deal lighter than the shade actually is.*

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