Monday, September 1, 2014

Hourglass Veil Fluid Foundation; Review & Swatches of Shades

Hourglass Veil Fluid Oil-Free Liquid Makeup
Price: $60 per ounce


Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup is the brand's original foundation, the one that put them in the big leagues of the cosmetic industry and has made them a genuine competitor among luxury brands like Dior or Chanel, but does the actual performance warrant the price point?

***Angelina Jolie reportedly wore Hourglass Veil Fluid Foundation for her marriage to Brad Pitt on September 2nd; (the day after this review was posted!)***
Getting an endorsement from someone with timelessly beautiful, always natural looking skin like Angeline Jolie is quite impressive and says a whole lot about Hourglass Veil Fluid Oil-Free Makeup, but the fact that Jolie chose to wear Hourglass Veil Fluid Foundation on her wedding day is just fabulous press for the Cruelty Free luxury brand!

Personally, I believe that Hourglass Immaculate Liquid-Powder Foundation has gotten more attention than the Veil Fluid, but without Veil Fluid, there would be no Immaculate.

Unlike Immaculate Liquid-Powder Foundation, which is a true liquid-powder formula (and an ingenious one at that), Veil Fluid Makeup is a sort of hybrid between a traditional long-wearing formula and a dewy finish foundation; its an interesting combination, and the result is a long-wearing satin finish foundation which is ideal for those with normal-dry skin.

Those with slightly oil or combination may find the finish workable if they set their t-zone with a powder, but those with severe oily skin may find that the finish is too satin for them and would likely fare far better with the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid-Powder Foundation.

Veil Fluid Oil Free Makeup is available in 11 well chosen shades and will suit those with fair/light-deep skintones. If you have very fair or porcelain skin you may find the lightest shade too dark if you're looking for medium-full coverage; which Veil Fluid will effortlessly provide.

Hourglass does make some expansive anti-aging claims, those aren't really backed up by the foundations formula which is common, but the performance of the foundation is certainly enough to warrant merit and is quite impressive to say the least.

If you have oily skin and you're curious about Hourglass Foundations and you are able to get to a Sephora, I would recommend getting a sample of this and Immaculate Liquid-Powder to see which works best for your skin.

Otherwise, if you don't have very oily skin, you will probably prefer the Veil Fluid Makeup because of the more balanced, less drying formula! If you're on a budget or are having trouble finding your shade match, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is another great Cruelty Free option with a similar formula!

***One thing to be aware of, is that this does not contain sufficient UVA protection and should not be relied upon for sunscreen. Remember, most aging is caused by the UVA rays of the sun, whereas burning is caused by UVB and SPF factors account for only the UVB portion of protection.***

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup- Oil Free Foundation SPF 15 Review & Swatches of Shades #0 Porcelain, #1 Ivory, #1.5 Nude, #2 Light Beige, #3 Sand, #3.5 Honey,  #4 Beige, #5 Warm Beige, #6 Sable, #7 Chestnut, #8 Walnut,
Hourglass Veil Fluid Foundation
(Oil-Free Liquid Makeup) Swatches of Shades
#0 Porcelain, #1 Ivory, #1.5 Nude, #2 Light Beige, #3 Sand, #3.5 Honey,
#4 Beige, #5 Warm Beige, #6 Sable, #7 Chestnut, #8 Walnut,

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