Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flower Powder-Up Loose Powder; Review & Swatches of Shades

Flower Beauty Powder Up Loose Powder (By Drew Barrymore)
New for Spring 2013
Price: $12.98
Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty has done a pretty good job of covering every category of complexion product (with About Face Foundation (a moisturizing foundation), Powder Trip (pressed powder), Skincognito Foundation Stick and perfect canvas (creme foundation), especially for a newly launched cosmetics company, but Flower Powder Trip Loose Powder nearly knocked my socks off!

I'm not a powder person. I find that they oxidize horribly and if I am going to where a powder to set a shiny foundation, I'll use a colorless loose powder like E.L.F. HD Powder. Flower may have actually changed this with Powder Up Loose Powder.

Most powders are talc based. loose, pressed, it doesn't matter they all use talc and usually a powdered silicone somewhere too. Talc is an excellent oil-absorber and it works great, which is why drugstore brands & high end brands use it so religiously. Recently, companies have started replacing Talc with (of all things) Cornstarch for their new HD powders. The thing is, usually when you see cornstarch powders their colorless. I'm guessing that's because the cornstarch doesn't hold pigments as well as talc but what Flower did is really interesting: the talc is used with corn starch so you get the great HD type texture and pigment!

Flower Powder Up loose powder is available in three shades light medium and dark. The light shade is actually almost too light for me and that says something. Light has yellow undertones so if you suffer from redness or acne the soft yellow undertones of the powder will help to diffuse any redness even if you have neutral or pink undertones. 

The other two shades will suit to Light/Medium-Tan/Deep skin tones and are more neutrally toned.

While the texture of Flower Powder Up is phenomenal, there are two minor issues to be aware of. There was an issue some point where there was a manufacturing glitch and the labeling of the shades got mixed up. Flowers seems to have fully corrected this issue for 2014, but if you're at a Walmart the doesn't restock frequently you want to be aware. The only other issue would be the packaging- it's not bad and it's not the particularly messy if you keep it on a bureau but, it's not convenient for travel.

Overall, Flower really did do a fantastic job with Powder-Up Loose Powder and its perfect for those who don't have very oily skin and find many traditional powders too drying or cakey!

***Note: the picture makes the shades look darker than they are.***
Flower Powder Up Loose Powder; Review & Swatches of Shades LO1 Light, LO2 Medium,  LO3 Deep,
Flower Powder Up Loose Powder Swatches of Shades
LO1 Light, LO2 Medium,  LO3 Deep,

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