Monday, December 15, 2014

Best Cruelty Free Eye Liner Sets Under $50 for 2014!

The Best 2014 Eye Liner Gift Sets Under $50
Price: $4 to $7 per pencil


2014 Holiday Season seems to be the year of the eye liner sets! 

Liner technology has come so far the past few years and it seems that nearly every company is releasing some value set collection but how do you know which ones are your best bet for performance and your wallet?

Luckily, you can find the best options if you're shopping for yourself or a loved one if you keep reading! (And, they happen to be Cruelty Free!)

Smashbox On The Rocks Eye Liner Set:Price: $39(Approx $7.88 per liner)
Includes 5 full sized Always Sharp eyeliners (a $100 value). Smashbox included limited edition shades just for this collection. The set also comes with some best sellers of their original Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl AND their 3D Always Sharp Liner which are perfect for those who like precise lines and hate sharpening! 

Tarte 5 Piece Skinny SmolderEYES Eye Liner SetPrice: $27 for 5 Full Sized Liners(Approx $5.40 per liner)
Tarte included several of their best selling shades with this collection including:
  • onyx (black)
  • bronze agate (bronze)
  • smoky quartz (grey taupe)
  • peridot green (olive green)
  • plum tanzanite (dark plum)
It's a very well rounded collection that covers nearly every shade range and the waterproof formula is quite impressive. Although the pencils will need sharpening this is a pretty good bargain!

Mally 5 Piece Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Mini Eyeliner Set
Price: $29.50*
(Approx $5.90 per liner)
Mally makes some of the best eyeliners in the cosmetic world. Period. They're just fantastic.
They come in great shades and last all day. Definitely a must-try eye liner for everyone and her 5 piece collection is a great low-budget sampler option! 
(*Note: Check prices at Mally's website and QVC before ordering because they have had some phenomenal deals lately and at one point this kit was marked down to only $20 as a holiday special!)

Marc Jacobs Skyline 7 Piece Petite Gel Crayon Eye Liner Set
Price: $49
(Approx $7 per liner)
These are mini versions of Marc's regular Highline Automatic Crayon Eye Liner. 
If you haven't had the pleasure of trying these liners, they are essentially a gel eyeliner which has been melted down and put in an automatic pencil delivery system. 
They are an absolutely brilliant formula and this 7 piece set is a fantastic way to expand your collection without breaking the bank!

All of these sets are absolutely fantastic options that are sure to amaze. Whether you're looking for yourself or someone on your holiday list you certainly can't go wrong with any of these option and the fact that they're Cruelty Free is just that much of an added bonus!

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