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OCC Cream Foundation & Contour; Review & Swatches of Shades

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate Foundation & John Doe Contour Creme Foundation is New for Fall 2014
Price: $20-29

OCC has recently expanded the line of products made from their unique "color creme concentrate" formula. Now in addition to the quick-to-become-cult-favorite OCC Concealer (Skin Conceal) and their line of vibrantly colored cream pigments; OCC is now offering a Cream Foundation!
OCC's Colour Creme Concentrates were initially very pigmented...colored creams. They were designed for use on eyes, cheeks or faces. The formula is a true cream formula (vs a cream to powder) and is an absolute delight to work with.

New OCC Color Creme Concentrate Foundation Shades:

Lucky for us, OCC has just released their newest shades of their Colour Creme Concentrate which just so happen to be FOUNDATION shades!!!

If you've used the OCC Skin Conceal Concealer than you likely know what shade you are and how the OCC shades work. There are two categories R & Y for those with red/pink undertones or yellow undertones and then each undertone is available in 6 shades which range from fair/light to dark,

Overall, OCC did a fabulous job in maintaining the consistency of their shades from their concealer to their foundation, (and actually to their tinted moisturizer too.) There may be a few "gaps" and you could certainly fall in between two shades- (espcially R0, R1, & R2,) but it's such a blendable formula that it may be worth while to buy two shades anyways and then you can adjust the shades year round.

Shade Tips:

  • R0 is the lightest shade and it is truly light. If you have trouble finding a shade light enough for you R0 is a great option. 
  • I wear Y0 and occasionally mix in a touch of Y1.
  • R5 is darker than Y5 (by a smidge), but the shade
  • The yellow and red undertones are present, but not overwhelming and if you have neutral skin you should be able to wear either relatively well.
OCC Color Creme Concentrate Formula & Performance:

What's great about the OCC Creme Color Concentrate is the formula. If you have tried the other OCC Color Cream Concentrates than you know how easy it is to work with. The shades that are intended to be foundation shades are all more pigmented than the contour or blush shades and you need a very small amount of product to do your entire face.

OCC Cream Foundation Shades are all moderately hard initially. Similarly to butter that's been in the fridge, once you use your fingers or sponge or brush, it quickly becomes soft and blendable. OCC Cream is one of the easiest cream foundations to apply because it is absolutely idiot proof. You can use any application method under the sun and it's so smooth that even a thin foundation brush will be able to pick it up with minimal effort.

The Color Creme Concentrate Foundation's formula is actually remniscent of e.l.f.'s HD Mattifying Creme Compact Foundation. but OCC's version is a bit more elegant and luxurious. The OCC finish is similar to e.l.f.'s but OCC's foundation has a matter finish and the shade range is more expansive and accomdating.

Again, OCC's Color Cream Foundation is NOT a cream to powder foundation, but it DOES have a soft matte finish. The emollients are so readily absorbed that you're left with a natual, soft matte look that probably won't need powder immediately on most people, although it's not an oil-control product so keep even if you have normal skin do keep your expectations in check!

Ofcourse, if you have oily skin you will want to set OCC CCCF with powder and/or use a primer, but you're unlikely to experience anywhere near the shine or oilyness that you would normally expect from a cream or emollient based product.

Because the finish of OCC finish is on the matter side of cream foundations, the wear time is superior to most cream foundations on the market but bear in mind that you may have to set it and/or use a primer to get really impressive longevity.

If you have very dry skin, you'll want to be sure to moisturize to get the maximum wear from OCC Cream Foundation to prevent your skin from being overly absorbant of your foundation.

Using OCC Cream Concentrate Foundation w/Colour Creme Concentrate Formulas?

Like Wayne Goss says "like likes like" and he's right. Of course there are exceptions that I frequently refer to (like using a long-wearing foundation and cream concealer or vice veresa) but when it comes to mixing your foundation with a blush or bronzer; similar formulas perform best.

You can certainly take a silicone based bronzer (like CoverGirl TruMagic Sun Kisser or Becca's new Scultpor) and use that over a cream foundation, but you have to blend very carefully to avoid removing foundation.

Using an emollient cream formula like OCC Cream Color Concentrate in John Doe works exceptionally well over any kind of foundation, but especially over a cream foundation. Because OCC Cream Foundation and Color Creams are the same formula, you can seamlessly blend them into one another and sculpt your face with ease that's identical to building your foundation (you just have to aim a little better!)

The only difference between OCC Cream Foundation and OCC Color Concentrate is the foundation is a bit more pigmented than the sculpting/contour creams. The shade John Doe is designed to be a contour cream and it is absolutely fabulous.

You can sheer John Doe out or build it up and it will work for a variety of skintones from very fair to medium. Those with skin darker than medium are better off highlighting than contouring and there are OCC Color Concentrate formulas for highlighting and blush as well. (I will do a seperate post on those if anyone asks).

One thing that you can have fun playing around with, is deciding if you want to apply your foundation over or under your contouring cream. The Kim Kardashian highlighting/contouring routine is very "in" in the makeup world and if you've been wanting to experiement, OCC Color Concentrates are the perfect place to start on account of their fool-proof application!

OCC Cream Color Concentrates & Foundation Overall:

Remember, OCC was started as a makeup line for makeup artists and other professionals so they have that mentality. Many true artists would rather mix their own shades for a perfect match which is why so many "professional lines" have such a limited or extreme shade range.

OCC has done an absolutely phenominal job by creating a foundation that will by coveted by makeup industry professionals and is still usable for the average women (or man.)

If you've tried professional products in the past (like Mac Full Cover Foundation) and found them difficult or cumberesome to work with, you'll certainly appreciate the easy of application of OCC Color Creme Products! OCC's products are really impeccably formulated and the name Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is absolutely suitable.

Has anyone tried OCC's cream blushes, contours, or new foundation?
OCC Colour Creme Concentrate Foundation; Swatches of Shades R0, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5
OCC Cream Foundation; 
Swatches of Colour Cream
Concentrate Shades
R0, R1, R2, R3, R4,, R5

OCC Color Cream Concentrate Foundation;  Swatches of Shades Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4. Y5
OCC Cream Foundation;
Swatches of Colour Cream
Concentrate Shades
Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4. Y5
OCC Creme Foundation Swatches of R Shades
OCC Cream Foundation; 
Swatches of Colour Cream
Concentrate Shades
R0, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5,
***See the Matte Finish? This was an hour after swatching.***
OCC Color Creme Concentrate Foundation Swatches of Shades Y
OCC Cream Foundation; 
Swatches of Colour Cream
Concentrate Shades
Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4. Y5 & John Doe
OCC Colour Cream Concentrate Contour; Swatches of shade "john doe"
OCC Contour Cream;
 Swatches of Shade John Doe
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Foundation; Review & Swatches of Shades

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